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Sith Rising Spoiler List

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Number Name Type Version Rarity
90 Trade Federation Warship Space C
89 Suppressing Fire Battle C
88 Super Battle Droid Squad Character C
87 Shoot Her or Something Battle C
86 Senatorial Cruiser Space C
85 Run the Gauntlet Mission C
84 Retreat Underground Battle R
83 Republic LAAT/i Gunship Ground C
82 Reassemble C-3PO Mission C
81 Padawan and Senator Battle C
80 Nubian Yacht Space C
79 Naboo Starfighter Wing Space C
78 Mobile Assault Cannon Ground C
77 Maul's Strategy Mission C
76 Geonosian Defense Fighter Space C
75 Geonosian Artillery Battery Ground C
74 Droid Starfighter DFS-1VR Space C
73 Diplomatic Cruiser Space C
72 Darth Maul (D) Character D C
71 Corsucant Speeder Ground C
70 Concentrated Fire Mission C
69 Commerce Guild Spider Droid Ground C
68 Commerce Guild Cruiser Space C
67 Clone Trooper Legion Ground C
66 Brutal Assault Battle C
65 Battle Droid Assault Squad Ground C
64 AT-TE Troop Transport Ground C
63 Anakin Skywalker (F) Character F C
62 Aggressive Negotiations Battle C
61 Acclamator-Class Assault Ship Space C
60 Visit the Lake Retreat Mission U
59 Tusken Raider Character U
58 Trade Federation Offensive Battle U
57 Techno Union Warship Space U
56 Sun Fac (A) Character A U
55 Recognition of Valor Mission U
54 R2-D2 (B) Character B U
53 Price of Failure Mission U
52 Passel Argente (A) Character A U
51 Padmé Amidala (E) Character E U
50 Out of His Misery Battle U
49 Obi_Wan Kenobi (D) Character D U
48 Moment of Truth Battle U
47 Mace Windu (B) Character B U
46 Jedi Starfighter Scout Space U
45 Jedi Heroes Ground U
44 Infantry Battle Droid Character U
43 Homing Spider Droid Ground U
42 Hailfire Droid Ground U
41 Geonosian Scout Character U
40 Fog of War Mission U
39 Female Tusken Raider Character U
38 Destroyer Droid, W Series Character U
37 Darth Tyranus (E) Character E U
36 Darth Maul (B) Character B U
35 Clone Trooper 6/298 Character U
34 Clever Escape Battle U
33 Careful Targeting Battle U
32 C-3PO (B) Character B U
31 Aiwha Rider Ground U
30 Yoda (C) Character C R
29 Unfriendly Fire Battle R
28 Twilight of the Republic Mission R
27 Tusken Camp Ground R
26 Trade Federation Control Core Ground R
25 Super Battle Droid 5TE Character R
24 Slave I (B) Space B R
23 Sith Infiltrator (A) Space A R
22 Sio Bibble (A) Character A R
21 Republic Drop Ship Ground R
20 Nute Gunray (B) Character B R
19 Massiff Character R
18 Mace Windu (C) Character C R
17 Mace Windu (A) Character A R
16 Jocasta Nu (A) Character A R
15 Jedi Starfighter Wing Space R
14 Jedi Bravery Battle R
13 Jango Fett (E) Character E R
12 Impossible Victory Battle R
11 Geonosian Picadors Ground R
10 Darth Tyranus (D) Character D R
9 Darth Sidious (B) Character B R
8 Darth Maul (C) Character C R
7 Darth Maul (A) Character A R
6 Clone Facility Ground R
5 Clone Captain Character R
4 Chancellor Palpatine (B) Character B R
3 Aurra Sing (A) Character A R
2 Anakin Skywalker (E) Character E R
1 Aayla Secura (A) Character A R
90 results.