Revenge of the Sith Spoiler List

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Number Name Type Rarity
41 Acclamator II-Class Assault Ship Space U
71 Anakin Skywalker (L) Character C
1 Anakin Skywalker (M) Character R
72 Anakin's Starfighter (A) Space C
73 ARC-170 Starfighter Space C
42 AT-AP Ground U
74 AT-RT Ground C
2 Bail Organa (B) Character R
75 BARC Speeder Ground C
76 Blaster Pistol Equipment C
77 Blaster Rifle Equipment C
78 Buzz Droid Space C
43 C-3PO (I) Character U
44 Chancellor's Office Location U
79 Chewbacca (L) Character C
3 Chewbacca (M) Character R
45 Combined Squadron Tactics Battle U
4 Commerce Guild Droid 81-X Ground R
5 Commerce Guild Starship (ROTS) Space R
46 Confusion Battle U
80 Coruscant Emergency Ship Ground C
6 Coruscant Shuttle Ground R
81 Darth Sidious (E) Character C
47 Darth Sidious (F) Character U
7 Darth Sidious (G) Character R
82 Darth Tyranus (H) Character C
8 Darth Tyranus (I) Character R
48 Darth Vader (Q) Character U
9 Darth Vader (R) Character R
10 Darth Vader (S) Character R
83 DC0052 Intergalactic Airspeeder Ground C
49 Destroyer Droid, Q Series Character U
11 Dismiss Battle R
84 Diving Attack Battle C
85 Droid Battlestaff Equipment C
50 Droid Missiles Space U
12 Droid Security Escort Character R
86 Droid Tri-Fighter Space C
51 Elite Guardian Character U
13 Engine Upgrade Equipment R
14 Foil Battle R
87 Force Dodge Battle C
61 GH-7 Medical Droid Character U
16 Grand Moff Tarkin (D) Character R
52 Hardcell-Class Transport Space U
88 HAVw A6 Juggernaut Ground C
89 Homing Missiles Salvo Battle C
90 IBC Hailfire Droid Ground C
91 Instill Doubt Mission C
92 InterGalactic Banking Clan Cruiser Space C
17 It Just Might Work Mission R
18 Jar Jar Binks (C) Character R
53 Jedi Concentration Mission U
93 Jedi Lightsaber Equipment C
54 Jedi Master's Deflection Battle U
94 Jedi Piloting Battle C
55 Kashyyyk System Location U
19 Lightsaber Quick Draw Battle R
20 Mace Windu (F) Character R
21 Mas Amedda (A) Character R
95 Meditate Mission C
22 Mustafar Battle Grounds Location R
23 Mustafar System Location R
56 Naboo Star Skiff Space U
24 Nos Monster Character R
57 Nute Gunray (D) Character U
58 Obi-Wan Kenobi (L) Character U
96 Obi-Wan Kenobi (M) Character C
25 Obi-Wan Kenobi (N) Character R
26 Padmé Amidala (G) Character R
59 Padmé Amidala (H) Character U
15 Palpatine's Sanctum Location R
60 Patrol Mode Vulture Droid Ground U
97 Plo Koon's Starfighter (A) Space C
98 Power Attack Battle C
62 R2-D2 (J) Character U
27 R4-P17 (A) Character R
28 Rage of Victory Mission R
29 Recusant-Class Light Destroyer Space R
99 Republic Assault Gunboat Space C
30 Republic Fighter Wing Space R
31 Sacrifice the Expendable Mission R
100 Security Droid Character C
32 Separatist Fleet Space R
101 Sith Lightsaber Equipment C
33 Spinning Slash Battle R
102 STAP Squad Ground C
34 Strike with Impunity Battle R
35 Stubborn Personality Mission R
36 Super Battle Droid 7EX Character R
103 Surge of Strength Battle C
104 Tank Droid Ground C
66 Techno Union Interceptor Space U
105 TF Battle Droid Army Ground C
37 Theta-Class Shuttle Space R
63 Thread The Needle Battle U
64 Thwart Battle U
106 Trade Federation Cruiser Space C
65 Treachery Mission U
38 Unexpected Attack Mission R
107 Unity of the Jedi Battle C
108 Utapau Sinkhole Location C
67 Utapau System Location U
68 Vehicle Shields Package Equipment U
69 Vehicle Weapons Package Equipment U
39 Venator-Class Destroyer Space R
109 Vulture Droid Starfighter Space C
110 V-wing Clone Starfighter Space C
70 Yoda (J) Character U
40 Yoda (K) Character R
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