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Return of the Jedi Spoiler List

Search keyword:
Number Name Type Rarity
40 Yoda's Spirit (A) Character R
70 Worrt Ground U
69 Wookiee Hug Battle U
68 Wicket W. Warrick (A) Character U
67 Vader's Summons Battle U
39 Vader's Guile Mission R
38 Trap Door! Battle R
109 TIE Interceptor Space C
37 Throne Room Location - Character R
108 Surprising Strength Battle C
66 Skiff Ground U
36 Scythe Squadron (A) Space R
107 Scout Trooper Character C
110 Savage Attack Battle C
35 Sarlacc (A) Ground R
34 Salacious B. Crumb (A) Character R
106 Royal Guards Ground C
65 Red Squadron X-wing Space U
105 Rebel Scouts Ground C
33 Reactor Core Location - Space R
64 Rancor Pit Location - Character U
32 Rancor Ground R
63 R2-D2 (I) Character U
31 Progress Report Mission R
104 Princess Leia (K) Character C
62 Princess Leia (J) Character U
103 Oola (A) Character C
30 Occupied Tatooine Location - Space/Ground/Character R
61 Occupied Endor Location - Space/Ground/Character U
102 Occupied Coruscant Location - Space/Ground/Character C
60 Occupied Bespin Location - Space/Ground/Character U
29 Nien Nunb (A) Character R
28 Mon Mothma (A) Character R
101 Mon Calamari Cruiser Space C
27 Mixed Battlegroup Space R
59 Millennium Falcon (J) Space U
26 Max Rebo Band (A) Character R
25 Malakili (A) Character R
58 Luke Skywalker (O) Character U
24 Luke Skywalker (N) Character R
100 Luke Skywalker (M) Character C
99 Log Trap Battle C
98 Lightsaber Throw Battle C
57 Lando Calrissian (I) Character U
23 Lando Calrissian (H) Character R
22 Jabba's Spies Character R
56 Jabba's Sail Barge (A) Ground U
21 Jabba's Palace Location - Character R
97 Jabba's Guards Ground C
20 Jabba's Dancers Character R
55 Jabba the Hutt (C) Character U
19 Jabba the Hutt (A) Character R
53 Ionization Weapons Battle U
96 Imperial-Class Star Destroyer Space C
95 Imperial Speeder Bike Ground C
18 Honor the Fallen Mission R
17 Home One (A) Space R
94 High-Speed Dodge Battle C
16 Han Solo (K) Character R
52 Han Solo (J) Character U
93 Gray Squadron Y-wing Space C
15 Free Tatooine Location - Space/Ground/Character R
51 Free Endor Location - Space/Ground/Character U
92 Free Coruscant Location - Space/Ground/Character C
50 Free Bespin Location - Space/Ground/Character U
91 Forests of Endor Location - Ground C
89 Forest AT-ST Ground C
88 Forest AT-AT Ground C
87 Force Lightning Battle C
86 Fly Casual Battle C
49 Ewok Village Location - Ground - Endor U
85 Ewok Glider Ground C
84 Ewok Artillery Ground C
13 Ephant Mon (A) Character R
12 Endor Shield Generator Ground R
14 Endor Regiment Ground R
11 Endor Rebel Fleet Space R
10 Endor Imperial Fleet Space R
90 Endor Attack Squad Ground C
9 Emperor Palpatine (E) Character R
48 Emperor Palpatine (D) Character U
83 Emperor Palpatine (C) Character C
82 Elite Squad Ground C
76 Elite Royal Guard Character C
81 Dune Sea Location - Ground C
47 Desperate Bluff Battle U
80 Decoy Battle C
8 Death Star II (B) Space R
79 Death Star II (A) Space C
78 Death Star Battalion Ground C
7 Darth Vader (P) Character R
77 Darth Vader (O) Character C
46 Darth Vader (N) Character U
75 Close Quarters Battle C
45 Chief Chirpa (A) Character U
74 Chewbacca (K) Character C
6 Chewbacca (J) Character R
44 Captain Lennox (A) Character U
73 Cantina Bar Mob Ground C
43 C-3PO (H) Character U
72 B-wing Space C
42 Boba Fett (H) Character U
5 Bib Fortuna (A) Character R
4 Bargain with Jabba Mission R
41 Baited Trap Battle U
71 A-wing Space C
3 Anakin's Spirit (A) Character R
2 Anakin Skywalker (K) Character R
1 Admiral Ackbar (A) Character R
109 results.