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Phantom Menace Spoiler List

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Number Name Type Rarity
90 Yinchorri Fighter Space C
60 Yaddle (A) Character U
30 Watto's Shop Location - Character R
59 Watto (B) Character U
29 Walking Droid Starfighter Ground R
58 Vilmarh Grahrk (A) Character U
89 Unconventional Maneuvers Battle C
88 Trade Federation STAP Ground C
57 Trade Federation MTT Ground U
56 Trade Federation Hangar Location - Character U
87 Trade Federation AAT Ground C
86 Theed Royal Palace Location - Character C
85 Theed Power Generator Location - Character C
84 TC-14 (A) Character C
83 Swamps of Naboo Location - Ground C
55 Streets of Theed Location - Ground U
82 Sneak Attack Battle C
81 Sith Probe Droid Character C
28 Sith Infiltrator (B) Space R
54 Sebulba's Podracer (A) Ground U
53 Sebulba (A) Character U
27 Sando Aqua Monster Ground R
52 Rune Haako (A) Character U
51 Royal Cruiser Space U
50 Ric Olié (A) Character U
26 Quinlan Vos (A) Character R
49 Qui-Gon Jinn (D) Character U
80 Qui-Gon Jinn (C) Character C
25 Podracing Course Location - Ground R
79 Podrace Mission C
24 Otoh Gunga Location - Ground R
23 Orn Free Taa (A) Character R
78 Opee Sea Killer Ground C
77 Obi-Wan Kenobi (K) Character C
22 Nute Gunray (C) Character R
21 Negotiate the Peace Mission R
48 Naboo System Location - Space U
76 Naboo Pilot Character C
75 Mos Espa Location - Ground C
47 Modified YV-330 (A) Space U
74 Melt Your Way In Mission C
20 Marauder-Class Corvette Space R
46 Let the Cube Decide Battle U
19 Ki-Adi-Mundi (B) Character R
45 Kaadu Scout Ground U
73 Jedi Transport Space C
18 Jedi Temple Location - Character R
17 Jar Jar Binks (B) Character R
44 Inferno (A) Space U
16 In Disguise Battle R
72 Gungan Kaadu Squad Ground C
14 Gungan Grand Army Ground R
43 Gungan Catapult Ground U
42 Gungan Battle Wagon Ground U
15 Guardian Mantis (A) Space R
71 Gian Speeder Ground C
13 Gas Attack Mission R
12 Gardulla the Hutt (A) Character R
70 Flash Speeder Ground C
69 Finis Valorum (B) Character C
11 Fight on All Fronts Battle R
10 Fambaa Shield Beast Ground R
41 Falumpaset Ground U
68 Eopie Ground C
40 Durge (A) Character U
9 Duel of the Fates Mission R
39 Discuss It in Committee Battle U
67 Delta Six Jedi Starfighter Space C
66 Darth Sidious (D) Character C
8 Darth Maul (F) Character R
7 Dark Woman (A) Character R
6 Corridors of Power Location - Ground R
38 Colo Claw Fish Ground U
65 CloakShape Fighter Space C
37 Citadel Cruiser Space U
36 Captain Tarpals (A) Character U
35 Captain Panaka (A) Character U
5 C-9979 Space R
34 Bravo Starfighter Space U
4 Boss Nass (A) Character R
3 Bongo Sub Ground R
64 Blockade Battleship Space C
63 Blockade {TPM} Mission C
2 Aurra Sing (C) Character R
31 A'Sharad Hett (A) Character U
1 Ann and Tann Gella (A) Character R
33 Anakin's Podracer (A) Ground U
32 Anakin Skywalker (J) Character U
62 Aayla Secura (B) Character C
61 A Bigger Fish Battle C
90 results.