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A New Hope Spoiler List

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Number Name Type Version Rarity
3 Blaster Barrage Battle R
4 Capture the Falcon Mission R
8 Desperate Confrontation Mission R
9 Destroy Alderaan R
13 EG-6 Power Droid Character R
14 Elite Stormtrooper Squad Ground R
17 Hold 'Em Off Battle R
18 Imperial Blockade Mission R
20 Imperial Sentry Droid Character R
21 IT-0 Interrogator Droid Character R
22 Jawa Leader Character R
23 Krayt Dragon Ground R
24 Leia's Kiss Battle R
30 Most Desperate Hour Battle R
31 No Escape Battle R
34 Obi-Wan's Task Mission R
35 Our Only Hope Mission R
37 Plan of Attack Mission R
41 Rebel Crew Chief Character R
42 Rebel Lieutenant Character R
45 Starfighter's End Battle R
46 Stormtrooper TK-421 Character R
47 Strategy Session Mission R
49 Surprise Attack Mission R
51 Tarkin's Stench Battle R
52 TIE Fighter Elite Pilot Character U
54 Tractor Beam Battle R
56 Imperial Manipulation Mission R
57 Vader's Leadership Battle R
60 Yavin 4 Hangar Base Ground R
61 Astromech Assistance Battle U
62 Benefits of Training Battle U
69 Death Star Plans Battle U
72 Death Star Turbolaser Gunner Character U
76 Error in Judgment Mission U
77 Fate of the Dragon Battle U
84 Into the Garbage Chute Battle C
89 Learning the Force Mission U
91 LIN Demolitionmech Character U
93 Luke's Warning Battle U
94 Mounted Stormtrooper Ground U
97 Oil Bath Mission U
100 Rebel Blockade Runner Space U
103 Rebel Marine Character U
104 Rebel Surrender Battle U
105 Rebel Trooper Character U
106 Remote Seeker Droid Character U
107 Press the Advantage Mission U
108 Stabilize Deflectors Battle U
110 Stormtrooper Charge Battle U
111 Stormtrooper DV-692 Character U
112 Stormtrooper Squad Leader Character U
113 Stormtrooper TK-119 Character U
114 Support in the Senate Mission U
115 Disrupt the Power System Mission U
116 Tatooine Speeder Ground U
117 Tusken Sharpshooter Character U
118 Vader's Interference Mission U
121 Air Cover Battle C
122 Precise Blast Battle C
124 Carrack Cruiser Space C
126 Death Star Cannon Tower Ground C
127 Death Star Guard Squad Ground C
128 Domesticated Bantha Ground C
130 Ground Support Battle C
131 Imperial Detention Block Ground C
132 Imperial Star Destroyer Space C
135 Jawa Squad Ground C
136 Jawa Supply Trip Mission C
137 Jump to Lightspeed Battle C
139 Luke's Repairs Mission C
141 Planetary Defense Turret Ground C
142 Nowhere to Run Battle C
144 Jedi Intervention Battle C
145 Obi-Wan's Plan Battle C
146 Penetrate the Shields Battle C
147 Preemptive Shot Battle C
149 Rebel Fighter Wing Space C
150 Rebel Honor Company Ground C
151 Rebel Marine Squad Ground C
152 Rebel Pilot Character C
153 Rebel Squad Ground C
154 Rescue Battle C
155 Slipping Through Battle C
157 Synchronized Assault Battle C
159 Stormtrooper DV-523 Character C
162 TIE Fighter DS-3-12 Space C
166 TIE Fighter Pilot Character C
167 TIE Fighter Squad Space C
168 Tusken Squad Ground C
169 Vader's Grip Battle U
174 X-wing Red Two Space C
178 YT-1300 Transport Space C
179 YV-664 Light Freighter Space C
5 Contingency Plan Mission R
11 Disturbance in the Force Mission R
12 It's Not Over Yet Battle R
19 Imperial Navy Helmsman Character R
33 Obi-Wan's Prowess Battle R
39 Protection of the Master Battle R
43 Regroup on Yavin Mission R
44 Sandtrooper Character R
48 Strike Me Down Battle R
66 Tatooine Sandcrawler Ground U
68 Death Star Hangar Bay Ground U
70 Death Star Scanning Technician Character U
71 Death Star Superlaser Gunner Character U
73 Demonstration of Power Mission U
75 Dissolve the Senate Mission U
80 Han's Courage Battle U
81 Imperial Control Station Ground U
82 Imperial Navy Lieutenant Character U
83 Insignificant Power Mission U
85 Jawa Character U
86 Jawa Collection Team Ground U
87 Jedi Extinction Mission U
95 Mouse Droid Character U
101 Rebel Control Officer Character U
102 Rebel Control Post Ground U
109 Star Destroyer Commander Character U
123 Stay Sharp Battle C
129 Flare-S Swoop Ground C
133 Incom T-16 Skyhopper Ground C
134 Into Hiding Mission C
140 Moisture Farm Ground C
156 SoruSuub V-35 Courier Ground C
158 Stormtrooper Assault Team Ground C
160 Stormtrooper Patrol Ground C
161 Stormtrooper Squad Ground C
163 TIE Fighter DS-73-3 Space C
164 TIE Fighter DS-55-6 Space C
165 TIE Fighter DS-61-9 Space C
170 Victory-Class Star Destroyer Space C
171 Well-Aimed Shot Battle C
172 X-wing Red One Space C
173 X-wing Red Three Space C
175 X-wing Attack Formation Space C
176 Y-wing Gold One Space C
177 Y-wing Gold Squadron Space C
180 Z-95 Headhunter Space C
1 Admiral Motti (A) Character A R
2 Beru Lars (A) Character A R
6 Dannik Jerriko (A) Character A R
7 Darth Vader (A) Character A R
10 Dianoga (A) Character A R
15 Figrin D'an (A) Character A R
16 Greedo (A) Character A R
26 Luke Skywalker (A) Character A R
27 Luke's Speeder (A) Ground A R
28 Luke's X-Wing (A) Space A R
29 Momaw Nadon (A) Character A R
36 Owen Lars (A) Character A R
38 Princess Leia (A) Character A R
40 R5-D4 (A) Character A R
50 Tantive IV (A) Space A R
53 Tiree (A) Character A R
55 URoRRuR'R'R (A) Character A R
58 Vader's TIE Fighter (A) Space A R
59 Wedge Antilles (A) Character A R
63 Biggs Darklighter (A) Character A U
65 Commander Praji (A) Character A U
78 General Dodonna (A) Character A U
79 General Tagge (A) Character A U
88 Jon Dutch Vander (A) Character A U
90 Lieutenant Tanbris (A) Character A U
120 Wuher (A) Character A U
74 Devastator (A) Space A U
25 Luke Skywalker (B) Character B R
67 Darth Vader (B) Character B U
98 Princess Leia (B) Character B U
119 Vader's TIE Fighter (B) Space B U
64 C-3PO (C) Character C U
92 Luke Skywalker (C) Character C U
99 R2-D2 (C) Character C U
125 Darth Vader (C) Character C C
148 Princess Leia (C) Character C C
138 Luke Skywalker (D) Character D C
32 Obi-Wan Kenobi (E) Character E R
96 Obi-Wan Kenobi (F) Character F U
143 Obi-Wan Kenobi (G) Character G C
180 results.