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Feature Article
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Welcome to the New Site!

At Last
The days of waiting are over! At long last the new Star Wars TCG site is up and running and looking towards a future filled with content, content, content.

The last few weeks have been near unbearable as we sat and watched all of the emails come in. "When is the site going to be updated?", "When will you post the A New Hope page?". Rest assured, these emails did get to us, and we do listen. Sometimes things just don't move as fast as we want them to.

As you can see, that is now the past. We've launched our new site and with it a lot of new features that didn't exist in our previous design. As with any new website, it will take time to refine and accumulate the wealth of content that will make this site great. For now, I can present you with a look at how this site plans to function and what kinds of content we hope to bring you!

What's New
The greatest thing that we are hoping to bring you is regularity. We're not talking about the kind that comes from a lot of fiber, we're talking about regular updates. Every week we will be updating our features and pages with new content. When that starts to roll smoothly you may even see more updates than that. We've certainly got a lot to talk about!

When it comes to our weekly content, we hope to focus on "the game". That is, we want to bring you anything and everything having to do with how we make the Star Wars TCG. This could be articles related to how R&D makes the cards, to how the art department decides which pictures to use. It can also be questions about how the different mechanics function and the directions we're headed in the future.

However, that is just our side of the story. This website was built with you in mind as well. Our goal is to provide you the best access we can to allow you to have a direct impact on the future of the game. Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to make this your game. Whether that be polls or feedback forms, or even just the ability to ask us the tough questions... we want you to have that power.

Where We Begin
For now, we've seeded the site with some content and we're at work to bring you plenty more in the upcoming weeks and months. You can expect an update every wednesday from here on out.

So welcome. Enjoy! There's plenty more on the way, and some of it might even be from you.

Daniel Stahl, Managing Web Producer

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