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Michael Mikaelian

Space Cards

01 - Where to Begin
02 - Anatomy of a Card
03 - Space Cards
04 - Ground Cards
05 - Character Cards
06 - Using the Force
07 - Card Abilities and Strategies
08 - Grand Battles
09 - Game Setup
10 - Deck Building

Now that you know some of the basics, let's take a look at the Space arena. Of the three arenas, Space is the first in which you and your opponent do battle each turn, so let's see how it's done.

Before any unit can attack, both players get a chance to play Battle cards and use many activated abilities. Sometimes this can make a slower Space unit the fastest in the arena this turn, or prevent all damage to cards in the Space arena. After both players are done, the Space unit with the highest Speed attacks. That unit's owner taps it (turning it sideways) so both players know that unit is attacking. Then, he or she chooses an enemy target and rolls a number of dice equal to his or her Space unit's Power. Each die roll of 4, 5, or 6 is a hit. Each hit puts one damage counter on the targeted unit. Players repeat all of the steps above for each other untapped Space unit.

Some Battle cards (such as Jedi Knight's Deflection) can change the amount of damage-and sometimes even what unit takes the damage-from an attack. These cards can be played after the number of hits is determined and before damage counters are placed on the targeted unit.

Many times one or more units will have the same Speed as another unit. If these units belong to the same player, that player chooses which one attacks first. If these units belong to different players, the Dark Side player attacks with all of his or her units tied for the highest Speed first.

After all the units in the Space arena are tapped and no one has any Battle cards or activated abilities to play, the battle moves on to the Ground arena.

Special abilities most commonly found on Space units include:

Shields X(Each attacking unit subtracts X power as long as it's attacking this unit.)
A Space unit with shields is difficult for smaller units to damage, but is less effective against units with high Power.

Critical Hit X(This unit adds X to damage if you roll at least one natural six.)
Critical Hit represents a Space unit's ability to strike an enemy unit in a vital area, dealing more damage. A natural six is a die result of six, regardless of any modifiers that might increase or decrease the final result of the die roll.

Bombard X(This unit may attack a unit in the Ground arena instead of a unit in the Space arena, using X power plus any other effects.)
Space units with the Bombard ability can be extremely effective against Ground units if your opponent has no units in the Space arena. Because the first battle takes place in the Space arena, it's possible for a Space unit with the Bombard ability to deal enough damage to a Ground unit to discard it before the Ground unit ever has a chance to attack!

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