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Star Wars TCG Rules Home Page

The rulebook contains instructions on how to play the game as well as a glossary of terms.

Click to download the Revenge of the Sith rulebook pdf Revenge of the Sith Rulebook (pdf)
948k zip/pdf
Download a PDF version of the rulebook found in the Revenge of the Sith set.

Errata & Rulings
Errata is released after a set is available for sale. The errata contains any corrections or rulings related to the rules of the game or card text. Rulings contain a list of FAQs (lists of frequently asked questions) and other related rulings about card interactions.

Over the last three years, some cards have received errata. To fully understand these features, answer these questions, and find this errata, one had to go to the proper expansion's page first. Not any more.

The Star Wars TCG Consolidated FAQ, Rulings, and Errata document is now available for download in PDF format. You need the most recent version of Adobe Reader (available free from Adobe) to view this file.

The below links still go to the older (nonconsolidated) errata and rulings: