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Michael Mikaelian

RotS Preview: Battle, Mission, Location & Equipment Cards

A Few Surprises Left

Units—even those with neat abilities—will only get you so far in the Star Wars TCG. Most decks rely on Battle, Mission and Location cards to carry them to the next level. (Equipment will soon be added to that list.) The selection of these cards you’ll find in Revenge of the Sith are a lean, mean bunch sure to find their way into many decks.

Battle Cards

Thwart (pictured here) is one of the set's three disrupt Battle cards, and it’s sure to be a popular one. So many decks take their activated abilities for granted. That just won’t be the case any more.

What’s particularly powerful about Thwart is not how it can negate effects such as Chewbacca (G)’s or Bib Fortuna (A)’s. Disrupting a unit’s activated Evade ability not only pushes extra damage through for an attack, but also prevents that ability’s use for the rest of the turn. Thwart is too versatile to say that this is its best or only use, but swarm decks will certainly appreciate it.

Mission Cards

Unlike Battle cards, Mission cards in Revenge of the Sith are almost all Light Side or Dark Side. Dark Side Missions further that side’s manipulation theme while adding a little bit of oomph to its attacks. Light Side Missions likewise help that side gain Force or draw cards, continuing the Light Side theme of the set.

One Dark Side Mission in Revenge of the Sith figures into a tempting combo sure to inspire at least one deck. If all goes according to plan, you might see one unit attack every enemy unit in the same arena in one turn, and every time that unit discards an opponent it gets bigger.

One Light Side Mission in the set will go into just about any deck that needs to draw a certain card to pull off its tricks. The efficiency this card offers makes a Jawa Sandcrawler look more valuable as a damage sink than a card-cycling engine.

Location Cards

Revenge of the Sith sports several Location cards. Some deck archetypes will find it easy to slip one or two of these in, and others will surely inspire all-new archetypes of their own. The Return of the Jedi set’s “brown” Locations remain special (but not unique) to that set. The Locations in Revenge more closely resemble those in previous sets, but with a bit more kick.

Mustafar Battle Grounds (shown here), the one “brown” Location in Revenge, can only go into the Character arena or Ground arena. That’s a good thing, because it would make Asteroid Field a joke by comparison if it could deploy in Space. (Never mind the fact that, storywise, the battle ground pictured is on the planet’s surface.) This card spells trouble for weenie decks, such as Trade Federation–Droid decks that use Nute Gunray (C) and the various cheap Battle Droids to hold the Character arena. On the flipside, Dark Side decks gain another direct-damage tool that generates guaranteed results instead of preventable damage.

Equipment Cards

You’ve waited long enough. Here’s the deal with Equipment cards. (Much of this will seem familiar to Magic: The Gathering players.)

Just like a unit, you build Equipment in your build zone and deploy it during your build step. Unlike a unit, it remains in your build zone unless you pay the equip cost to attach it to a unit.

The equip cost is usually in build points and/or Force points. During your build step, you can pay an Equipment’s equip cost to attach it to a the appropriate kind of unit. Like a Location card, the Equipment’s subtype lets you know what type of unit can use it. A unit can have any number of Equipment cards attached to it, even multiple copies of the same one. Anakin’s Starfighter (A) is just one of the units in Revenge of the Sith that discounts equip costs, and that really lets you get a lot from your Equipment cards without shelling out too many resources.

When your equipped unit is discarded, the Equipment card doesn’t go with it to your discard pile. Instead, it goes to your build zone. You can then pay its equip cost again during a build step to attach it to another unit. You can also equip the same piece of Equipment multiple times during the same build step as long as you can pay the costs each time.

In Revenge of the Sith, each side gets a Lightsaber that gives its Jedi side-appropriate bonuses in combat. Characters can also equip two blasters and a Droid Battlestaff (show here). Space and Ground units have access to the same two performance-enhancing Equipment cards, as well as an additional one for Space units.

An important detail worth noting: No neutral Equipment card specifies a subtype. That means any Capital Ship, Transport, Cruiser, or Starfighter can enjoy the benefits of the same Equipment card. This is sure to offer a wide array of strategic options when deckbuilding and tactical choices while playing.

Parting Spoilers

If you’ve memorized all of the above and are still hungry for more Revenge of the Sith expansion facts, read on.

  • A Light Side Mission that can substitute for Thwart.
  • A Dark Side Location that makes Vader stronger and tougher each time he defeats an opponent.
  • A Neutral Battle card that can substitute for Discuss It in Committee.
  • A 0-cost Location.
  • A Dark Side Mission that can discard any card from the Light Side’s hand.
  • A Light Side Location that gives all of your Space units Retaliate.

Check out the official Revenge of the Sith expansion set page for additional spoilers, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.