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Game Overview

An Introduction to the Star Wars Trading Card Game

Climactic Battle.

It's a term that describes that intense conflict at the end of a Star Wars movie when the balance of the Force is on a razor's edge. It's that point when the fate of the galaxy rests on the choices of those involved - when even the smallest victory can lead to triumph for either the light or the dark side of the Force.

Starfighters clash for supremecy in space, while on land opposing armies face off in desperate maneuvers to gain ground; and further still, deep within the conflict, is the duel of the fates between the very forces of good and evil.

It is the excitement of this three-fold conflict that makes the Star Wars Trading Card Game the ideal way to plan and execute the high-stakes gambits and intense action of a climactic Star Wars battle.

The Star Wars TCG holds all the weapons, characters and ships necessary to recreate the intensity and action of the Star Wars movies. You can experience the lightsaber duels, the desperate space battles and the pitched ground assaults when you form your own battle groups and plans. Whether you play for the light or dark side of the Force, you will ultimately choose which elements from the Star Wars universe you will use in your plan to crush the opposition in one fell swoop.

With the Star Wars TCG you will have the ability to make the conflicts as simple or complex as you want them. With variations in rules and setup, there is simplicity balanced with strategy for all levels of play. While the initial game comes with all the characters, starships, and ground troops you need to win each theater of battle, you can choose to add and re-mix your own battle forces to fit your tactics and strategies. But, remember that even the greatest of plans can be laid to waste if you do not use the Force wisely.

When the game launches in April, it will contain content based on the upcoming Star Wars: Attack of the Clones movie. Future expansions will cover the remaining films as well as content from the expanded universe.

In the months following the release of the Star Wars TCG you will have the opportunity to prove yourself in combat when Wizards of the Coast launches the Star Wars TCG Organized Play programs. These events will introduce new and exciting stakes to the climactic battles you create.

Join us in the following weeks as we take a closer look into the Star Wars TCG. Every week we'll bring you more information about the units, strategies, and tactics that will allow you to recreate the excitement of Star Wars.

May the Force be with you, always.

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