Guess the Card Results

Our thanks to all those who participated in our Guess the Card contest. The contest concluded earlier this year, with the winners having since been selected and notified.

We hope you enjoyed the first peek at Anakin's Starfighter. Be sure to look for this card as part of Revenge of the Sith, tenth expansion for the Star Wars TCG scheduled for release in 2005.

The Grand Prize winner for the contest is due to receive one full set of Star Wars TCG's Return of the Jedi, one full set of Revenge of the Sith (to be shipped once released) and two (2) tickets to a special advance screening of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. In addition, two participants were able to correctly guess the complete stats for Anakin's Starfighter, and so will receive copies of the card when the set releases. For those curious as to the starfighter's stats, we now present the complete card:

Once again, thanks for participating, and best holiday wishes! We'll see you again in the New Year!

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