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Michael Mikaelian

Ground Cards

01 - Where to Begin
02 - Anatomy of a Card
03 - Space Cards
04 - Ground Cards
05 - Character Cards
06 - Using the Force
07 - Card Abilities and Strategies
08 - Grand Battles
09 - Game Setup
10 - Deck Building

You've learned the basics of battling in the Space arena. Now it's time to move to the Ground arena. All of the same rules apply, it's just the units that change. Instead of Jedi starfighters and Slave I, you'll field walkers, battle droid platoons, Geonosians, and even Jedi squads.

Just in case you don't have the rules of battle down, here's a quick recap:
  • Both players get a chance to play Battle cards and use activated abilities.
  • The card with the highest speed attacks first.
  • Tap the card and choose an enemy card to attack
  • Roll a number of dice equal to the attacking card's power.
  • Each die result of 4, 5, or 6 is a hit
  • Battle cards and abilities that can change die results are played.
  • Battle cards and abilities that prevent damage are played.
  • The enemy card gets one damage counter for each hit not prevented.
  • Cards with as many damage counters as their health are discarded.
  • Both players get a another chance to play Battle cards and use activated abilities.
  • The card with the next highest speed attacks following the steps above, until no untapped cards remain in the Ground arena.
  • The battle moves onto the Character arena.
Luxury Airspeeder

Unit cards for the Ground arena tend to have more advanced abilities than Space units. The Luxury Airspeeder is a great example of the kind of special abilities you're likely to see in the Ground arena. Although the card itself seems average, its special ability speeds up all of your other Ground units. Combinations like this can make it difficult for your opponent to decide which Ground unit to attack next: the one that makes all your other units faster, or the one that does lots of damage.

Special abilities most commonly found on Ground units include:

Shields X(Each unit gets -X power as long as it's attacking this unit.)

Critical Hit X(This unit does X more damage if you roll at least one natural six.)

Ion Cannon X(This unit may attack a unit in the Space arena instead of a unit in the Ground arena, using X power plus any other effects.)

Although Ground units don't get to attack until after Space units, Ion Cannon can still be effective. Whether you're supporting your Space units with some covering fire from the Ground arena or using Ion Cannons as your main line of Space defense, such units tend to be large, giving them a good chance of lasting more than one battle.

{tap} Draw a card, then discard a card from your hand. Play this ability only during your build step.

This is just an example of an ability that's found on many Ground units. It doesn't have a name, but will be popular nonetheless. If your opponent has no units in the Ground arena, cards with this ability can make the difference between winning or losing in one of the other two arenas.

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