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Michael Mikaelian

Grand Battles

01 - Where to Begin
02 - Anatomy of a Card
03 - Space Cards
04 - Ground Cards
05 - Character Cards
06 - Using the Force
07 - Card Abilities and Strategies
08 - Grand Battles
09 - Game Setup
10 - Deck Building

The Star Wars Trading Card Game is a great way to recreate epic struggles that encompass multiple conflicts at once. While the heroes face the villains, the forces of good and evil clash on the battlefields and in space above. This exciting aspect of the Star Wars saga is the inspiration for the Star Wars TCG's three arenas.

A typical game could resemble the climax of your favorite movie, though there's no guarantee the end will always turn out the same. Take, for instance, the final moments of Attack of the Clones: Anakin and Obi-Wan battle Darth Tyranus while the great Republic army sweeps in to rescue the few remaining Jedi on Geonosis. There are dozens of ways this can play out. Here's one possibility.

Strength of Hate

[Light-Space: Republic Assault Ship with 4 damage counters; Ground: Clone Platoon, AT-TE Walker 71E, Elite Jedi Squad with 1 damage counter; Character: Obi-Wan Kenobi (B), Anakin Skywalker (A)]

[Dark-Space: Geonosian Fighter, Trade Federation Battleship; Ground: Destroyer Droid Squad, Commerce Guild Droid Platoon with 2 damage counters; Character: Darth Tyranus (A)]

Battle starts in the Space arena. Both Dark Side Space units attack first. Trade Federation Battleship does 1 point of damage to Republic Assault Ship. Before attacking with Geonosian Fighter, the Dark Side player uses 2 Force to play Strength of Hate . This gives Geonosian Fighter +3 power. When it attacks, Geonosian Fighter does 3 damage, destroying Republic Assault Ship. The Light Side has lost its last Space unit, so the Dark Side player controls the Space arena.

Windu's Solution

The Republic army's AT-TE Walker 71E storms the Geonosian battlefield, and strikes at Destroyer Droid Squad for 3 damage. Normally, Destroyer Droid Squad would attack next, but the Light Side player uses 2 Force to play Windu's Solution on the Elite Jedi Squad. This gives them +30 speed and +2 power, enabling them to attack before the droids. They do 3 damage to Destroyer Droid Squad, wiping them out before they have a chance to attack. Next, the Light Side uses 2 Force to play Target Locked . This gives Clone Platoon Critical Hit 2 for this attack. They do 5 damage to Commerce Guild Droid Platoon, destroying it. The Dark Side has lost its last Ground unit, so the Light Side player controls the Ground arena.

Target Locked

The Light Side player pays 3 Force to play Hero's Flaw , giving each Character that attacks Darth Tyranus this battle Critical Hit 2. Anakin attacks Darth Tyranus, doing 5 damage. The Dark Side player uses 3 Force to Evade Anakin's attack, and reduces the damage to 2. Tyranus uses 1 Force to get +2 power for his next attack, and does 6 damage to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan uses 2 Force to Evade, reduces the damage to 4, and just barely survives. Obi-Wan strikes back at Tyranus, using 2 Force to get Critical Hit 2. This increases Obi-Wan's Critical Hit total for this attack to 4. Obi-Wan attacks, doing 7 damage to Tyranus. Even if Tyranus spends 3 Force to Evade, preventing 3 damage, and 2 Force to Deflect, redirecting 1 damage to another character, he still will have a total of 5 damage counters. Darth Tyranus is defeated-the Light Side player controls the Character arena and the Ground arena. The Light Side wins the game!

Hero's Flaw

This is just one example of how battles can happen in the Star Wars Trading Card Game. For a complete example of combat, play the online demo.