You Make The Card - Mara Jade
Who is Mara Jade? Part 2

Last week we answered "Who is Mara Jade?" and many people did not get the answer they were looking for.

Every fan that knows anything about the expanded universe of Star Wars knows who the Emperor’s Hand is. You weren’t looking for the back-story of Mara Jade. You wanted to find out who will be the face of the best character to never appear in the movies.

We couldn’t disappoint the fans. Hers or ours.

Shannon McRandle (formerly Shannon Baksa) will once again be the living incarnation of Mara.

Where are we in the process? We have completed the photo shoot with the help of photographer Ric Fogel (known to Wizards for all his work shooting for MLB Showdown). Our master of post-production, Mark Goetz, has worked his magic to polish the shot and the background setting. Currently, the image is in the hands of our friends at Lucasfilm undergoing great scrutiny to make sure that no detail has been missed.

Soon the image will be finalized and we will have more to show you….

Read more of Mara Jade's story in the Star Wars Databank.

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