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Star Wars TCG: Jedi Guardians

Errata and Rulings for English Cards


Jango Fett (E) should be Jango Fett (G)
Tyranus's Geonosis Speeder (B) should be Tyranus's Geonosian Speeder (B)
In the description of Overkill, the word "health" should be replaced with the words "remaining health."


Tapped units in your build zone may still be moved to their appropriate arena during the command phase.

During the command phase, if you complete a unit, you do not have to move it into the appropriate arena. Similarly, if you fully build (or overbuild) your last unit during setup, you are not forced to move it into the appropriate arena.


Tyranus's Return: Only returns a Character from play, not the discard pile.

Dark Dreams: If you copy a card that is based on a condition (like Artoo's Repairs), you can't use it unless the condition is met.

Jedi Council Quorum: If the Quorum condition is met and the Dark Side controls 2 arenas, the Light Side wins. This is because "at end of turn" triggered effects resolve before control of the arenas is checked.

Darth Sidious (C):
1. If you want Sidious (C) to reroll, like with Shoot Her or Something or Jar Jar Binks (A), you don't get to look at the dice beforehand. You must blindly pick which dice he rerolls.

2. If Sidious (C) attacks the Clone Captain and the Captain wants to prevent some damage, he must place the damage counters before he gets to see how many hits were rolled. Even is Sidious (C) didn't do as much as was placed, the damage counters stay where they were put.

Neimoidian Shuttle (A): Yes, it can retreat itself.

Tyranus's Solar Sailer (B): You may use the Reserves ability even when there is no attack being made.

Homing Missile: No, you may not blow on the card as it falls. If you use card sleeves, you must remove the sleeve before you drop it.