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Star Wars TCG Restricted Card Update

Today's restrictions are aimed at reducing the power level of "recursive" decks and restoring more of the feel of battling in three arenas to the game. Combos and other deck types have their place, of course. But when those decks start to dominate the environment, and the Star Wars Trading Card Game starts to lose its classic battles feel, we will take action.

Effective June 20, the following cards are restricted from Star Wars TCG constructed tournament play:

Blockade {TPM} is the most popular recursion target. This card gives too much power to the Dark Side deck that focuses on abusing it.

Chewbacca (G), along with Han's Promise, are the two strongest Light Side recursion engines.

Occupied Tatooine and Free Tatooine, while not as strong as the cards above, are still very strong recursion engines.

For a complete list of all Star Wars Trading Card Game cards that are banned or restricted in organized/tournament play, check the Star Wars TCG Banned and Restricted Cards List.

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