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Banned/Restricted Announcement

Beginning June 1st, the DCI will begin implementing a Banned / Restricted list announcement plan similar to the one used for Magic The Gathering. On June 1st we will announce Star Wars TCG cards that will be banned and/or restricted come June 20th. DCI-sanctioned tournaments taking place on or after June 20th will use the new Banned / Restricted list. These announcements will be made both on the Star Wars TCG main page and on the DCI announcements page. The Star Wars TCG floor rules will also be updated to reflect these announcements each time they are made.

These announcements will be made quarterly and use the following schedule:

Announcement Date Implementation Date
June 1st June 20th
September 1st September 20th
December 1st December 20th
March 1st March 20th

The purpose of implementing a Banned / Restricted list for Star Wars TCG is to increase the diversity of decks that are used in the tournament environment. Whenever a deck archetype, or a particular card, is severely decreasing the number of viable deck archetypes, then we will take a hard look at restricting and/or banning it. We understand that restricting or banning cards is a somewhat unpopular decision for many players, especially when they have struggled to collect four copies of a powerful card, and the decision as to which cards will be banned or restricted will not be made lightly.

—Henry Stern, SW:TCG R&D Lead

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