National Championships

Congratulations and Thank You to everyone who participated in this year's SWTCG National Championships. The event was a lot of fun and it was great to see so many SWTCG fans enjoying themselves. A special congratulations to the top 25 and top 8 finishers for games well played and completion of the 16 hour tournament.

Here are the Top 8 finishers:

  • National Champion - Mike Bickford
  • Nathan Vigenser
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Chris Shaner
  • Ben Weiner
  • Dave Kaleta
  • Nicholas Basey
  • Bryan Bates
The 9th thru 25th place finishers:
  • Jim Radeshak
  • John Miller
  • Adam Schafer
  • Matt Wehner
  • Ian Young
  • David Hsu
  • Elizabeth Walker
  • Nicholas Enochs
  • Davion Dare
  • Steve Facshia
  • Paul Deegan
  • Adam Dittmer
  • Greg Jagger
  • Ron Longhi
  • Bruce Ramsey
  • James McCoy
  • Jeremy Saidel

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