Jedi Guardians Preview: Tactical Leadership
Check out one of the two new abilities that you'll see in the Jedi Guardians set.

Tactical Leadership

Jedi Guardians


Overkill is one of two new abilities debuting in the Jedi Guardians set, to be released on July 7th, 2003. If you play with large units, you're gonna love Overkill. Don't you hate it when you have to use a 7 Power unit to deal that 1 last point of damage to a seriously injured unit? Overkill lets you make that attack and not waste a single hit. The Overkill ability allows you to send hits in excess of the defending unit's remaining health to another unit in the same arena. Say you score 4 hits on those 7 dice. Apply 1 to finish off the hurtin' unit and 3 to another unit in the same arena. You might even take out 2 units with one attack!

However, if you think your opponent is holding, say, a Pilot's Dodge, you can apply 3 damage to the doomed unit and 1 to another unit, just to be sure. But since Tactical Leadership gives Overkill to all your units in the arena, there's really no harm in going for broke.

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