New Promo Cards Revealed!
Alternative Images Featured on Promo Cards

Since the launch of the SWTCG last year, we have cranked out nearly two dozen promo cards featuring foil stamping and exclusive images not found on the regularly printed cards.

While some cards have been distributed freely to retailers and in magazines, the majority of these promo cards can be found as prizes for participating in the Jedi Nights tournaments at your local retailer.

Since these cards are not included in booster packs, they can be very difficult to find, and that goes for Wizards employees as well! There are only a handful of employees who have all the promo cards, and even finding the card images used for the cards themselves can be a difficult task. (see: still missing Darth Maul promo card!)

However, with our behind the scenes access we've been able to locate nearly all of the promo cards and then some and we wanted to share these card images with you.

As always, you can tell a promo card by it's gold stamped Vader helmet logo in the lower left corner of the card image. To keep track of the promo cards, you can always check the PROMO CARDLIST where we update new promo cards as they are released.

Here's the latest finds!

Promo #19
Obi-Wan Kenobi (F)

Promo #20
Death Star (B)

Promo #21
Alien Rage

Promo #22
Chewbacca (A)

Promo #23
Luke's Speeder (B)

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