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2003 World Championship Photo Coverage



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Caption Category
A lethargic Tuomo Nieminen in the Wake Mirror Players
A rapt audience Players
A stern Dave Humpherys Players
Ah, Mox Pearl Players
Ah, the Wake Mirror Players
All this and time for his girlfriend. What a guy! Players
Already you can see the spark of competition in her eyes Players
Arho Toikka, man of mystery Players
Can you blame him? Players
Daniel Zink doesn't have a care in the world Players
Daniel Zink wins! Players
Dave Humpherys adds another notch to the belt Players
Devil? I don't think so. Staff
Dirk and Marco take a laid-back approach to German Commentary Staff
Everyone tunes in to the dulcet tones of messieurs Buehler, Kibler, Baberowski and Blume Players
Everyone wants to meet the man behind the Magic Staff
Everyone's a critic, but only two made it to the stage Players
From behind, it loses some of its majesty. Not much though Players
Gabe Walls digs the Dragon Players
Gabe Walls is focused Players
Gary defeats Toikka to give USA the win! Players
Gary sweats it out on stage Players
Gary tries his mind-beam Players
Ghosthelm Courier is no-one's friend Players
Humpherys consults a judge Players
Humpherys lapses into delerium Players
Humpherys tilts Players
It's a mental game, put on your thinking face Players
Jin Okamoto hoists it! Players
Jin Okamoto lays his secrets bare Players
Jin Okamoto moves on to the finals! Players
Jin Okamoto, seconds before he removes his glasses and reveals himself to be Superman Players
Jin Okamoto's face betrays nothing Players
Josh Wagener sends it back Players
Justin Gary feigns confidence Players
Justin Gary makes with the murder Players
Kibler and Buehler are the Voice of Magic Staff
Look at that glint in his eye! How could anyone say no? Players
Lots of angles capture all the action Site
Nieminen and Walls fight it out for a third time Players
Nieminen offers pie Players
Not bad for a week's work Players
Okamoto jockeys for position Players
Peer Kröger gives you a piece of his mind Players
Proof of Valor Players
Quarterfinal Action: Okamoto vs. Kröger Players
Quarterfinal Action: Walls vs. Nieminen Players
Quarterfinal Action: Zink vs. Remie Players
Remie played four Decree main, because they're so good in the mirror Players
Semfinal Action: Zink vs. Humpherys Players
Semifinal Action: Okamoto vs. Nieminen Players
Shot from the All-Female Standard tournament Players
Simple. Elegant. Outrageously powerful. Players
Sir, we'll need you to authorize these. Staff
Slide on Red-Green, a tough match Players
Snowboard in style! Players
Soldier? Soldier! Players
Somehow, these people are entertained Players
Someone has gone to great lengths to secure a good seat for the Top 8 Players
Superstar Richard Garfield meets his biggest fan Staff
Team Finland vows revenge next year Players
Team USA, wearing a variety of expressions Players
Techies keep everything running smoothly Staff
The Champion Players
The crowd waits for the end Players
The Finns crack pack one Players
The Handshake Players
The happy couple Players
The Hump pauses for a quick brain massage Players
The Hump pulls out a miracle upset! Players
The Hump tries to make a game of it Players
The medalists Players
The Mirari's Wake Deck, in brief Players
The semis are a big production Players
The US Champ calms his nerves before the big match Players
The US have to love that Future Sight Players
The Wake Mirror claims another victim in Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett's consciousness Staff
The Wake mirror drags on, and spectators lose interest Players
The Wake-Slide match takes its toll on Nieminen Players
Those wacky Top 8ers star in a 60s talent hour Players
Tomi "Jelly" Walamies, the handsomest man in town Players
Tomi Walamies congratulates Zink Players
Tomi Walamies sends this out to all the ladies Players
Top 8 Profile: Daniel Zink Players
Top 8 Profile: Dave Humpherys Players
Top 8 Profile: Gabe Walls Players
Top 8 Profile: Jeroen Remie Players
Top 8 Profile: Jin Okamoto Players
Top 8 Profile: Peer Kroger Players
Top 8 Profile: Tuomo Nieminen Players
Top 8 Profile: Wolfgang Eder Players
Tuomo Nieminen might have to make the move to the big time Players
Tuomo Nieminen, looking something like Charlie McCarthy Players
Two thirds of Team USA wait for a result Players
USA! USA! USA! Players
Walamies bashes Wagener Players
Walls gives the viewers at home a window into his emotions Players
Wolfgang Eder and his mighty goblins Players
Yep, it's still nuts with spectators in here Players
YMG get ready to start celebrating Players
Zink can't help but look haughty Players
Zink enjoys a secret handshake ... of victory! Players
Zink has a mittful Players
Zink loves to swing! Players
Zink tries to calm himself with victory close to his grasp Players
Zink, looking like a young David Spade Players
Zink's candlewax face fails under the stage lights Players
Zink's game face falters Players

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