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2003 World Championship Photo Coverage



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Caption Category
"Do *you* come with the car?" Players
"I'm sorry, Opportunity is not in 8th Edition." Players
"RuneH is now known as RuneHJ" Staff
"Shifty-eyes" Baberowski gets ready to make a dash Players
A brief tête-à-tête Players
A good-looking group Players
A truly international game Players
Alex Shvartsman shows off his tech Sharpshooters Players
Alexander Witt shuffles up some goblins Players
Already Judges are up to their elbows in deck checks Staff
Already spectators are filling the stands Players
An awe-inspiring assembly Players
Artist Daren Bader basks in his fandom Staff
Banners are up everywhere in the hotel/venue Site
Ben Rubin, a study in shadow Players
Berkowitz hits Lauriol with "The Eyes" Players
Big applause for The Creator! Staff
Bob Maher, incognito Players
Brady Dommeruth, smiling politely Players
Brian Kibler plays at light speed Players
Carlos Romao, looking to repeat Players
Chances of Disaster: High! Players
Check out that Feature Match Area! Players
Chris Galvin acts as Master of Ceremonies Staff
Christophe Haim casts a sideways glance Players
Cole Swannack narrows his eyes Players
Country Flag Jumble! Site
Craig Krempels is hopped up on goofballs Players
Cunningham tries to still the voices for another five minutes Players
Darwin Kastle checks out Swannack's hand Players
Diligent Judges gear up for a weekend of thankless work. Staff
Dirk Baberowski, foppish dandy Players
Dirk Baberowski, hometown champ Players
Down there, the best strut their stuff Players
Eager fans fill out all manner of surveys Players
Ed Beard, Jr., and his signature Birds of Paradise Staff
Eda Bilsel, Turkish National Champion Players
Ehrnam and Sengir tangle on this rad board Site
Eivind Nitter, Party Guy Players
Event Staff explore the wonders of the internet Staff
Every card that has appeared in a Base Set, EVER! Site
Everyone loves to crowd around Players
Everyone struggles to do their best Players
Gabe Walls trips an inebriated Fabiano Players
Gamers game Players
Garfield lays the smack down Staff
Gary Wise gets ready to serve Players
Gary Wise pauses to do some calculations Players
Guest Artist Randy Gallegos shows off his Dive Bomber Staff
Henry Stern and Richard Garfield pose with the timeline Staff
Hey! It's Magic Online Qualifier Champion Andrew Cuneo! Players
Hipster alert! Players
Hoist the Icleandic flag high! Players
Human Caricature Jordan Berkowitz Players
International rules dispute Players
Ishida passes it back Players
Itaru Ishida in his favourite pose Players
It's Matt Place! Remember him? Players
It's not hard to find your way to the tournament Site
Japan's Finest get ready to crush some skulls Players
Jens Thoren meticulously busts out the beats Players
Jensen checks the lay of the land Players
Jet lag catches up with Henry Stern Staff
Jin Okamoto relaxes with Compulsion on board Players
Jin Okamoto, Last Emperor of Asia Players
Jin Okamtoto Players
Jon Finkel, shocked to be caught playing Magic Players
Jon Sonne has somehow gone drawless on the day Players
Jonny Magic still knows how to work it for the camera Players
Just in case you forgot ... Site
Justin Gary swings with Soldiers Players
Kamiel Cornelissen gets ready to cut Players
Last year's champ Romao with what looks like a Wake sideboard Players
Lauriol's three-color goblins trumps Berkowitz Players
Mark Zajdner in a rare moment of placidity Players
Masashi Ooiso, still looking a little stunned from his finals appearance at Yokohama Players
Mug Shot: Daren Bader Staff
Nassif frowns Players
National Pride Players
Near the end of the round, everyone's at the Feature Match area Players
Olivier Ruel sports slacker-hair Players
Players are eager to start fighting Players
Possibly a Sharpshooter field-day Players
R&D's Randy Buehler Staff
Raphael Levy is about to get swindled Players
Ready to take Side Events by storm! Players
Richard Cornish, Head of WotC Business, Europe Staff
Richard Garfield, bow-tie and all, makes an appearance Staff
Round 1 Feature Match: Krempels vs. Place Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Swannack vs. Kastle Players
Round 1 is underway! Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Tomi Walamies vs. Gary Wise Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Witt vs. Shvartsman Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Jin Okamoto vs. Justin Gary. Gary hopes those mental death-rays start working soon Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Jensen vs. Haim Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Thoren vs. Kibler Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Berkowitz vs. Baberowski Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Cornelissen vs. Bilsel Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Ishida vs. Cunningham Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Berkowitz vs. Lauriol Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Nieminen vs. Zajdner Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Okamoto vs. Sonne Players
Ruel shows off a killer grip in his Round 3 Feature against Nassif Players
Showing off the guest artists' fine work Site
Snowboards emblazoned with Magic Art! Players
Some lost hikers seek sanctuary Players
Sometimes, you just need counters Players
Sylvain Lauriol vies for 6-0 Players
Ten Years of Magic never looked so good. Site
That baseball hat casts Maher in a sinister light Players
The Bald Brigade: Fabiano, Wise, Blume, Larkin and De Rosa Players
The colors! The colors, children! Players
The Hotel Estrel hosts World Championships Site
The Keepers of the Peace Staff
The opening ceremonies Site
The Press are on-hand to cover all the action Players
Tomi Walamies wrapped in an angelic glow Players
Trouble a'brewin'. Players
Tsuyoshi Ikeda resists showing "The Guns" Players
Tuomo Nieminen has a heck of a board Players
Turkey's flagbearer is nonplussed Players
US Champ Josh Wagener in the flag ceremony Players
Wagener buckles under the weight of Old Glory Players
Wayne England gets ready to greet his fans Staff
Well, the fun IS trying to guess, when you're playing "Guess Who?" Staff
World Championships, as far as the eye can see Players

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