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2002 World Championships Team Final Draft Packs


2A2 2A3 1A1 1A2 1A3 2A1
Careful Study Seafloor Debris Syncopate Bog Wreckage Ravaged Highlands Rites of Refusal
Simplify Morbid Hunger Aven Cloudchaser Angelic Wall Aven Cloudchaser Kamahl's Desire
Overeager Apprentice Innocent Blood Simplify Morgue Theft Dedicated Martyr Angelic Wall
Whispering Shade Primal Frenzy Phantom Whelp Life Burst Overeager Apprentice Morgue Theft
Timberland Ruins Touch of Invisibility Earth Rift Cabal Inquisitor Primal Frenzy Springing Tiger
Dreamwinder Patriarch's Desire Thermal Blast Leaf Dancer Escape Artist Zombie Assassin
Ghastly Demise Mystic Zealot Patriarch's Desire Aether Burst Anarchist Cartographer
Shelter Wild Mongrel Mystic Zealot Scorching Missile Pilgrim of Virtue Aether Burst
Muscle Burst Zombie Assassin Dematerialize Mystic Zealot Nantuko Disciple Wild Mongrel
Escape Artist Cartographer Scorching Missile Rabid Elephant Cephalid Scout Aven Windreader
Anarchist Aether Burst Auramancer Repel Firebolt Reckless Charge
Darkwater Catacombs Divert Chance Encounter Burning Sands Mirari Cephalid Shrine
Screams of the Damned Sylvan Might Beast Attack Beast Attack Magma Vein Crashing Centaur
Twigwalker Skeletal Scrying Pulsating Illusion Malevolent Awakening Standstill Aven Smokeweaver
Whipkeeper Nimble Mongoose Skyshooter Still Life Sphere of Truth Sphere of Truth

2B1 1B3 1B2 1B1 2B3 2B2
Obsessive Search Rancid Earth Cephalid Snitch Enslaved Dwarf Aven Trooper Cephalid Aristocrat
Restless Dreams Pay No Heed Carrion Rats Psychotic Haze Krosan Restorer Restless Dreams
Pay No Heed Barbarian Outcast Ghostly Wings Teroh's Faithful Sonic Seizure Frantic Purification
Cephalid Aristocrat Carrion Rats Invigorating Falls Coral Net Cephalid Snitch Sonic Seizure
Militant Monk Ghostly Wings Psychotic Haze Accelerate Rancid Earth Carrion Rats
Crazed Firecat Aquamoeba Far Wanderings Mesmeric Fiend Far Wanderings Mesmeric Fiend
Gravegouger Basking Rootwalla Soul Scourge Basking Rootwalla Cabal Torturer Churning Eddy
Deep Analysis Crippling Fatigue Mystic Familiar Deep Analysis Spirit Flare Nantuko Calmer
Krosan Constrictor Aven Trooper Fiery Temper Cabal Torturer Pardic Lancer Organ Grinder
Faceless Butcher Pardic Lancer Gravegouger Floating Shield Mesmeric Fiend Militant Monk
Petravark Shade's Form Hydromorph Guardian Longhorn Firebeast Churning Eddy Crackling Club
Angel of Retribution Skullscorch Insist Possessed Barbarian Hypnox Insist
Mind Sludge Tainted Peak Grotesque Hybrid Boneshard Slasher Grotesque Hybrid Anurid Scavenger
Breakthrough Flaming Gambit Equal Treatment Compulsion Circular Logic Strength of Isolation
Teroh's Vanguard Cabal Coffers Cleansing Meditation Chainer's Edict Cleansing Meditation Stupefying Touch

2C2 2C3 1C1 1C2 1C3 2C1
Arcane Teachings Book Burning Guided Strike Anurid Barkripper Ironshell Beetle Envelop
Folk Medicine Ray of Revelation Cagemail Ironshell Beetle Funeral Pyre Centaur Rootcaster
Lost in Thought Defy Gravity Mental Note Lead Astray Mental Note Book Burning
Prismatic Strands Ironshell Beetle Canopy Claws Lava Dart Earsplitting Rats Cagemail
Lava Dart Funeral Pyre Venomous Vines Defy Gravity Ray of Revelation Toxic Stench
Nantuko Tracer Mirror Wall Flaring Pain Earsplitting Rats Battlefield Scrounger Phantom Tiger
Treacherous Werewolf Nantuko Tracer Shieldmage Advocate Vigilant Sentry Cabal Trainee Goretusk Firebeast
Barbarian Bully Flaring Pain Hapless Researcher Battlefield Scrounger Suntail Hawk Battlewise Aven
Krosan Wayfarer Shieldmage Advocate Phantom Tiger Benevolent Bodyguard Harvester Druid Battlefield Scrounger
Aven Fogbringer Hapless Researcher Goretusk Firebeast Keep Watch Wormfang Drake Cabal Trainee
Border Patrol Phantom Tiger Battlewise Aven Dwarven Scorcher Phantom Nomad Suntail Hawk
Shaman's Trance Masked Gorgon Scalpelexis Glory Scalpelexis Sutured Ghoul
Krosan Verge Cephalid Inkshrouder Wormfang Crab Forcemage Advocate Riftstone Portal Elephant Guide
Filth Serene Sunset Krosan Reclamation Krosan Verge Elephant Guide Phantom Centaur
Aven Warcraft Web of Intertia Cabal Therapy Infectious Rage Quiet Speculation Aven Warcraft

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