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Round 4: Svend Geertsen vs. Nicolai Herzog


Basking Rootwalla
Believe it or not, this is Geertsen's eighth World Championships. The young veteran has had his share of Top 8 performances, but they have been spaced out over his long career. Just recently, Geertsen put himself back on the map with a Top 8 finish at Pro Tour Nice. Herzog is another European Magic veteran, who ha had his share of Worlds experience, coming in Top 8 at Tokyo a few years back. Speaking of Tokyo, both players faced each other three times in that tournament, with an even record of 1-1-1.

Game 1

Geertsen opened with Basking Rootwalla, which attacked for three damage before dying to Chainer's Edict. The fourth turn came and Geertsen did not have another land, and simply played Bearscape. Herzog was having no problems, and summoned Phantom Centaur. Geertsen found his fourth land and brought out a Centaur of his own, but Herzog was waiting with another Edict to clear the way. Geertsen cast another Centaur, but Herzog just flashed back an Edict and dealt another five points of damage. With the game well on his side, Herzog joked "This is where a judge asks to check my decklist." Geertsen admitted, "That's what I'm waiting for." It didn't happen, and Geertsen had no choice but to scoop.

Geertsen- 0 Herzog- 1

While shuffling, Herzog mentioned that they both lost to the same green/red player and were depressed over the losses because their decks are supposed to beat green/red rather easily.

Game 2

Cabal Therapy
Geertsen drew his hand and revealed a hand with Careful Study and two Rootwallas, but no lands. He had no choice but to mulligan, but was obviously not very happy about it. The second hand contained only one land, so Svend went down to five. Herzog started off with Birds of Paradise, and Geertsen brought out Merfolk Looter.

Herzog thinks, Geertsen sarcastically asks "Are you done?"
Herzog- "You are so cute! I could kiss you right now."
(Geertsen slowly pushes his chair away from the table.)

After that little exchange, Herzog cast Cabal Therapy, stripping away Circular Logic. Birds of Paradise was sacrificed to take out the Arrogant Wurm, leaving Geertsen with only one card in hand. Deed and Living Wish for Braids followed, clearing the board and punishing Geertsen for his unlucky two land draw, bringing him down to no permanents on the table.

Final Result: Geertsen- 0 Herzog- 2

2002 Worlds (Type 2): UG Madness
Svend Geertsen
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Main Deck

60 cards

Centaur Garden
Cephalid Coliseum
Yavimaya Coast

22 lands

Arrogant Wurm
Basking Rootwalla
Merfolk Looter
Phantom Centaur
Wild Mongrel

24 creatures
Careful Study
Circular Logic

14 other spells
2002 Worlds (Type 2): BG Beatdown
Nicolai Herzog
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Main Deck

60 cards

Llanowar Wastes
10  Swamp

23 lands

Birds of Paradise
Phantom Centaur
Ravenous Rats

15 creatures
Cabal Therapy
Chainer's Edict
Living Wish
Pernicious Deed
Phyrexian Arena

22 other spells

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