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Round 14: Brian Kibler vs. Scott Richards


Many critics say this is a two deck format (blue/green and mono-black), but Scott Richards apparently thinks otherwise. He's running an aggressive white/green weenie deck that contains cards such as Spurmage Advocate, Tireless Tribe, Benevolent Bodyguard, Divine Sacrament and Anurid Brushhopper.

Game 1

Spurnmage Advocate

Richards opened with Spurnmage Advocate, and had a second turn Benevolent Bodyguard. Rancid Earth slowed down Richards' mana development, and Kibler cast Diabolic Tutor on the following turn. Divine Sacrament made Richards' team a lot more frightening, but Kibler used Mind Sludge to strip away his hand. This was followed by Mutilate and Nantuko Shade, leaving Richards with very few resources, and staring down a massive threat. After a few turns the Shade came through for the win without much trouble.

Kibler- 1 Richards- 0

Game 2

Richards played a first turn Tireless Tribe, which got a Jarrod Bright joke out of Kibler. Phantom Nomad continued the curve, and the next turn saw Elephant Guide boost the Tribe. Faceless Butcher took care of that threat, and Richards rebuilt with Wild Mongrel. This let him discard Glory, which was joined by Sylvan Safekeeper. Kibler had Mutilate, which cleared the board and gave Richards his Tribe back. It was joined by another Nomad, so Kibler Mutilated once again. Richards summoned a Glory, and Kibler killed it with Innocent Blood, and followed up with Haunting Echoes to devastate Richards. Mirari was played a turn later, while Richards cast Battle Screech. Kibler cast Chainer's Edict and doubled it, and cast Nantuko Shade. On the next turn he flashed back Edict and doubled it, leaving Richards with only two bird tokens in play, and a dead Bodyguard and Brushhopper. The resulting bird attack brought Kibler to two, but he drew a second Cabal Coffers to pump his Shade to lethal damage.

Final Result: Kibler- 2 Richards- 0

2002 Worlds (OBC): Mono Black Control
Brian Kibler
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Main Deck

60 cards

Cabal Coffers
22  Swamp

26 lands

Faceless Butcher
Nantuko Shade

4 creatures
Chainer's Edict
Diabolic Tutor
Haunting Echoes
Innocent Blood
Mind Sludge
Rancid Earth
Skeletal Scrying
Tainted Pact

30 other spells
Worlds 2002 (OBC): W/G Madness
Scott Richards
View a sample hand of this deck

Main Deck

60 cards

11  Plains
Sungrass Prairie

23 lands

Anurid Brushhopper
Benevolent Bodyguard
Phantom Nomad
Spurnmage Advocate
Tireless Tribe
Wild Mongrel

26 creatures
Battle Screech
Divine Sacrament
Elephant Guide

11 other spells

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