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Round 12: Raphael Levy vs. William Jensen


Levy: "We're one-and-one, you and me."
Huey: "When did you beat me?"
Levy: "Teams."
Huey: "Whatever, that doesn't count."
Levy: "(shrug)"
Huey: "Do you think Gary Wise won a Pro Tour?"

Both of these players are 7-2 and would like nothing more to win here to give themselves a little extra breathing room in the wild block format tomorrow. Neither of them drafted a great deck—Levy's is about dealing quick damage and sealing the deal with "punisher" cards, whereas Huey deck is based on winning the damage race with a trio of Skywing Avens. Both players are 1-1 with these decks so far.

Jensen's turn-2 Mystic Familiar was outclassed by Levy's Wild Mongrel. Jensen played out a Skywing Aven, hoping to win the race in the air, but Levy bounced it with a Lava Dart and then dropped two consecutive Petravarks. Jensen played out some blockers, like Aven Cloudchaser and a Phantom Nomad, but Levy had both tempo and the tricks to back it up, including Muscle Burst.

Eventually Levy put out a Pardic Lancer, and between that and the Mongrel, Jensen has a really difficult time blocking. Jensen's last few draws were nothing but land, and Levy took Game 1.

Levy 1 – Jensen 0

Levy had Jensen on the defensive again on Game 2, with the same mix of quick creatures and combat tricks that worked so well in the first game, plus an Anger in the graveyard. Eventually Huey stabilized at five life behind his Luminous Guardian and was ready to start trying to win with flyers when Levy dropped a Browbeat on him. Huey had no choice but to let Levy draw three, and then down came Dwarven Driller to start in on Huey's lands.

Huey sucked up the first two activations of the Driller, going to one, and then his Islands started disappearing into the graveyard. Huey was sneaking in hits where he could, and eventually got Levy to within range of a single all-out attack, and had a Pay No Heed to stop the potentially fatal flashed back Howling Gale.

But then Levy drew Breaking Point and cleared the board with it, dropped Balthor the Stout and sent it in thanks to Anger. Huey had no way out.

Final Result: Levy 2 – Jensen 0

There were five cards Levy could have drawn on the last turn to kill Huey, but the fact that Huey came back from the brink of death to within one turn of winning that game was remarkable.

2002 Worlds (Booster Draft): Green/Red
Raphael Levy
View a sample hand of this deck

Main Deck

40 cards

10  Mountain

17 lands

Balthor the Stout
Dwarven Driller
Dwarven Scorcher
Goretusk Firebeast
Nullmage Advocate
Pardic Lancer
Sylvan Safekeeper
Wild Mongrel

13 creatures
Blazing Salvo
Breaking Point
Crackling Club
Fiery Temper
Lava Dart
Muscle Burst
Reckless Charge
Sonic Seizure
Violent Eruption

10 other spells
Worlds 2002 (Booster Draft): Blue/White
William Jensen
View a sample hand of this deck

Main Deck

40 cards


17 lands

Aven Cloudchaser
Battlewise Aven
Luminous Guardian
Mirror Wall
Mystic Familiar
Nomad Mythmaker
Patrol Hound
Phantom Nomad
Skywing Aven
Stern Judge

13 creatures
Ghostly Wings
Pay No Heed
Prismatic Strands
Psionic Gift
Rites of Refusal
Spirit Cairn

10 other spells

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