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Round 12: Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Sylvain Lauriol


Lauriol is the current French National Champion, and his team is in the running for Sunday. In his way is Pro Tour mainstay Zvi Mowshowitz. Unfortunately, Lauriol's deck is four colors, and so far it has brought him to a 0-2 record.

Game 1

Mowshowitz won the die roll, but let Lauriol play first since Lauriol had a four color deck. Creatures came out fast, as Mowshowitz curved up with Benevolent Bodyguard and Phantom Nomad, while Lauriol had Harvester Druid. He then cast Far Wanderings, which got some trash talk out of Mowshowitz. "And color number three is?" A mountain was fetched, and Zvi added "Get a swamp and you can yell Yahtzee!" Meanwhile, Mowshowitz's curved draw continued with Lieutenant Kirtar. However, Lauriol's draw wasn't half bad either, as his acceleration allowed him to play Phantom Flock on turn three. Mowshowitz matched it with Ghostly Wings on his Nomad, and put Psionic Gift on Kirtar. Aven Windreader made Mowshowitz's side better, and Zvi decided not to attack, fearing Lauriol's five untapped mana and a potential Second Thoughts. Lauriol drew a card on his turn, and conceded.

Mowshowitz- 1 Lauriol- 0

Game 2

Mowshowitz started with Hydromorph Guardian, and had Phantom Nomad and Beloved Champlain in play by the time Lauriol played his first spell of the game- Flame Burst on the Guardian. Kirtar added to Mowshowitz's side, while Lauriol played his sixth land, shook his head, and summoned Nut Collector. Sure enough, Mowshowitz had Psionic Gift. Ghostly Wings on the Phantom Nomad prompted Lauriol to scoop.

Mowshowitz- "Sorry, my deck is actually good."

Final Result: Mowshowitz- 2 Lauriol- 0

2002 Worlds (Booster Draft): Green/Red/White/Black
Sylvain Lauriol
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Main Deck

40 cards

Timberland Ruins

16 lands

Anurid Swarmsnapper
Battlewise Aven
Harvester Druid
Militant Monk
Nantuko Cultivator
Nut Collector
Phantom Flock
Shieldmage Advocate
Spurnmage Advocate

11 creatures
Acorn Harvest
Crippling Fatigue
Far Wanderings
Flame Burst
Kirtar's Desire
Morgue Theft
Squirrel Nest
Temporary Insanity
Thermal Blast
Waste Away

13 other spells
2002 Worlds (Booster Draft): Blue/White/Black
Zvi Mowshowitz
View a sample hand of this deck

Main Deck

40 cards


16 lands

Aven Smokeweaver
Aven Windreader
Beloved Chaplain
Benevolent Bodyguard
Hydromorph Guardian
Lieutenant Kirtar
Mystic Visionary
Mystic Zealot
Phantom Flock
Phantom Nomad
Possessed Aven
Shieldmage Advocate
Teroh's Faithful
Wormfang Drake

16 creatures
Churning Eddy
Ghostly Wings
Keep Watch
Obsessive Search
Psionic Gift
Skycloud Egg

8 other spells

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