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2003 Pro Tour Venice Photo Coverage



Other photos: Sunday | Thursday/Friday

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Heavyweights applaud the fortunate Pro Tour
A huge round of applause for Akihimo Kashima, whose Top 8 appearance is good news for Japanese Magic Pro Tour
Jeff Donais hosts Monster Chiller Horror Theater Pro Tour
Head Judge Collin Jackson looking dandy Staff
Diego Ostrovich works the stack Pro Tour
Round 14 Feature Match: Ostrovich vs. Lebedowicz Pro Tour
Round 14 Feature Match: Mitsuya vs. Musser Pro Tour
Michael Musser is thrilled to be so close Pro Tour
Kazuhiko Mitsuya plays black-white Graveyard Muse Pro Tour
Lost a bet, and consequently, whatever dignity he posessed Pro Tour
Osyp Lebedowicz turns off "happy-go-lucky" when playing for Top 8 Pro Tour
Round 13 Feature Match: Chapela vs. Lebedowicz Pro Tour
Gustavo Chapela can't wait to see what's next Pro Tour
Round 13 Feature Match: Zvi vs. Diego Pro Tour
Osyp Lebedowicz shows off his family Pro Tour
A very deliberate Diego Ostrovich Pro Tour
Zvi Mowshowitz all but gives up Pro Tour
Mark Wraith and Elaine Chase discuss directions to get gelato Pro Tour
Cornelissen sums up his feelings on the match Pro Tour
Yellowhat plays with style Pro Tour
Round 12 Feature Match: Kamiel Cornelissen vs. Gabriel Nassif Pro Tour
Round 12 Feature Match: Jordan Berkowitz vs. Akihiro Kashima Pro Tour
Berkowitz learned this one from the pros Pro Tour
Kashima flashes the grip Pro Tour
Round 12 Feature Match: Tom Guevin vs. William Jensen Pro Tour
Tom Guevin looks like a Ryan Fuller stunt double, but that mechanic's grip is all Mike Long Pro Tour
Huey is sure that Guevin is awful Pro Tour
Find the surprise PTQ competitor! Pro Tour
Svend Geertsen flips up Vengeance Pro Tour
Round 12 Feature Match: Geertsen vs. Jensen Pro Tour
Huey lets Silvos take it from here Pro Tour
Ostrovich is suckerpunched Pro Tour
Tomi Walamies makes a last-minute substitution Pro Tour
PTQ in full swing Pro Tour
Tom Guevin fools no one by wearing a belt Pro Tour
Olivier Ruel, disorderly, possibly drunk Pro Tour
Diego Ostrovich Pro Tour
Victor van den Broek, slacker Pro Tour
Tomi "Jelly" Walamies Pro Tour
Reporter Aaron Forsythe grills Walamies with a take-no-prisoners approach Pro Tour
Svend Geertsen devoured by a horror underneath Pro Tour
Gary Wise, nervous for some reason Pro Tour
Pleasant fellow Eugene Harvey Pro Tour
The agony of defeat Pro Tour
Ryan Fuller in a DQ meeting with Collin Jackson and Jeff Donais Pro Tour
Kai Budde has the devil's charm Pro Tour
Neil Reeves lives it up Pro Tour
Preparing to put the bag on the opponent Pro Tour
The crowd is really starting to fill out Pro Tour
Round 10 Feature Match: Fujita vs. Budde Pro Tour
It's a varied crowd in The Pit Pro Tour
These men may have stumbled into the wrong building Pro Tour
Tsuyoshi Fujita is worried Pro Tour
Andrea Santin is the definition of "Off the cuff" Pro Tour
Dirk Baberowski's telekinesis fails him Pro Tour
Eager young fans Pro Tour
Round 10 Feature Match: Baberowski vs. Santin Pro Tour
Round 9 Feature Match: Tomi Walamies vs. Svend Geertsen Pro Tour
Svend Geertsen decides to mise Pro Tour
Walamies has nothing to lose Pro Tour
Round 9 Feature Match: KaiB vs. JC Pro Tour
Kazuki Ueno and Allan Christiensen duke it out Pro Tour
Budde can't contain a look that says "What on earth are you doing here?" Pro Tour
Cunningham cracks his neck, loudly Pro Tour
Far too spry for this early in the day Pro Tour
You gotta crash somewhere Pro Tour
The new face of Japanese Magic Pro Tour
Just Anne. Staff
Day 2 draws the crowds Pro Tour
Gary MFT at table 19 Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Ben Rubin vs. Dave Humpherys Pro Tour
Superman Ben Rubin plays it straight Pro Tour
Humpherys peels Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Morita vs. Berkowitz Pro Tour
Jordan Berkowitz prays for something to go his way Pro Tour
Masahiko Morita looks like he slept in the park last night Pro Tour
Lebedowicz asks if 17/17 dragons are legal Pro Tour
Wrap your head around that number Pro Tour
Kastle makes a big dragon Pro Tour
Round 8 Feature Match: Darwin Kastle vs. Osyp Lebedowicz Pro Tour

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