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2003 Pro Tour Venice Photo Coverage



Other photos: Sunday | Saturday

Caption Category
Darwin Kastle, monolith Pro Tour
Huey cocks an attentive pose Pro Tour
Jorstedt is King of the World, apparently Pro Tour
Round 7 Feature Match: Mattias Jorstedt vs. John Larkin Pro Tour
John Larkin asks "Where've you been all my life?" Pro Tour
Spectators do what they do best Pro Tour
Judges try humor, and fail Staff
The Top Tables: Morita, Berkowitz, Lebedowicz, and Zink Pro Tour
Winner Makes Day 2: Finkel vs. Santin Pro Tour
Jon Finkel, the machine Pro Tour
Andreas Santin hands it back looking like Sam the Eagle Pro Tour
Hassaku glowers at his grip Pro Tour
Rubin mugs Pro Tour
Jinpei Hassaku fights Ben Rubin Pro Tour
Masahiko Morita goes deep into the think tank Pro Tour
More like, Mark Smugner! Pro Tour
Ziegner and Morita vie for undefeated status Pro Tour
For a split-second, Guevin's reality invades Pro Tour
Gallitz's goatee turns him into some kind of swashbuckler Pro Tour
Round 6 Feature Match: Tom Guevin vs. Donnie Gallitz Pro Tour
Finkel waits for a response Pro Tour
You know this one's gonna be a goodie Pro Tour
Round 6 Feature Match: Elijah Pollock vs. Jon Finkel Pro Tour
John Grant wrangles players Staff
Jordan Berkowitz, trying hard not to look like he's up to something Pro Tour
Masashi Ooiso, tearing up the competition Pro Tour
Slick Pro Tour
Round 5, Tomi Walamies vs. Morita, with his shirt giving him the assist Pro Tour
Round 5 Feature Match: Baberowski vs. Johnson Pro Tour
Dirk Baberowski looks rather thuggish Pro Tour
Mons Johnson is thrilled to be bashing with goblins Pro Tour
Slacktastrophe Masahiko Morita Pro Tour
Carlos Romao zooms in Pro Tour
Round 5 Feature Match: The Champ vs. Justin Gary Pro Tour
Justin Gary pauses to say something saucy Pro Tour
Round 5 Feature Match: Anton Jonnson vs. Gary Wise Pro Tour
Gary Wise needs to read yet another card Pro Tour
Anton Jonsson's Goblin Sledder isn't doing the job Pro Tour
Zvi Mowshowitz, eccentric Pro Tour
Kai Budde, need we say more? Pro Tour
Budde breaks out the Game Face early in game one Pro Tour
Takin' a break Pro Tour
Top-Notch Photographer Craig Cudnohufsky Staff
Yeah we got trouble, right here in River City. Pro Tour
Round 4 Feature Match: Humpherys vs. Labarre Pro Tour
Da Hump! Pro Tour
Nicholas Labarre's crazy cleric concoction Pro Tour
Bad times for "Opponent" Pro Tour
Round 4 Feature Match: Kastle vs. Kibler Pro Tour
Kibler is shocked that his men are not the biggest on the block Pro Tour
Darwin Kastle plays for keeps, or maybe keepsies Pro Tour
The all-powerful Oz Pro Tour
Antoine Ruel fails to look rough or rugged Pro Tour
Round 3 Feature Match: Wise vs. Ruel Pro Tour
Gary Wise has no sense of fun. Pro Tour
Iron Mike Turian Pro Tour
Round 3 Feature Match: Mike Turian vs. Jeff Cunningham Pro Tour
Jeff Cunningham, unposed Pro Tour
Sideboard Magazine = Good Times! Pro Tour
Paul Barclay, morningstar Staff
Look, a cute couple. Resent them! Pro Tour
Round 3, and already there are sob stories Pro Tour
Round 2 Feature Match: Lebedowicz vs. Williams Pro Tour
Round 2 Feature Match: Gary vs. Finkel Pro Tour
It's a Marx Brothers movie in the Sideboard Room Staff
The entrance hall Site
Johnny Magic looking downright respectable Pro Tour
Try as he might, Justin Gary can't get that smirk off his face Pro Tour
The site. Austere! Site
Dave Williams sends the pain thataway Pro Tour
A wary Osyp Lebedowicz Pro Tour
Malherbaud goes for "Psychatog" Pro Tour
Fujita thumbs through his options Pro Tour
Svend Geertsen isn't used to seeing this card outside of draft Pro Tour
Complicate makes a surprise splash Pro Tour
Round 2 Feature Match: Tsuyoshi Fujita vs. Pierre Malherbaud Pro Tour
Artist Randy Gallegos shows off Dive Bomber Staff
Guest Artist Greg Staples smiles for the camera Staff
Ben Stark tangles with Fujita Pro Tour
The Sheriff sets the record straight Staff
BenS focuses, despite Huey's shirt Pro Tour
Tsuyoshi "Mr. Rolly" Fujita, and his trademark scarf Pro Tour
Judges resolve disputes quickly and fairly Staff
De Rosa and Boeken square off Pro Tour
Round 1 Feature Match: Herzog vs. Ostrovich Pro Tour
Diego Ostrovich enjoys a zen moment Pro Tour
A dour Nico Herzog Pro Tour
Ziegner smashes with a smile Pro Tour
Round 1 Feature Match: Mark Ziegner vs. Mike Pustilnik Pro Tour
Doctor P shows his nerves Pro Tour
Players listen to the morning meeting Pro Tour
Collin Jackson is a statuesque beauty Staff
Staff caught off-guard Staff
The splendor is almost too much Site
Courting disaster Pro Tour
Quelling early decklist terrors Pro Tour
The race to the first round pairings Pro Tour
All confidence Pro Tour
There's dudes here! Pro Tour
The PT Venice Judging staff Staff
Towering Gis consults his Palm Pilot Staff
Getting ready for mayhem Pro Tour
Masters is a madhouse Masters
Nothing amiss here, we swear Masters
Wise shrugs it off Masters
Make your play, make your pick Masters
Rood, Wolfman and Pollock confer Masters
Ishida gives this plan the ok Masters
PS2 work their draft Masters
Panzer Hunters can feel this one slipping away Masters
PS2 are all concentration Masters
2020. As usual, David Rood is the mouthpiece Masters
Courtney's Boys in the semis Pro Tour
Tournament Manager Jeff Donais is up to something sneaky Staff
Diligent Judges. Diligent! Staff
Some sort of impromptu art Masters
Phoenix Foundation in trouble Masters
Momose dispatches Baberowski quickly Masters
P.S.2 look to prove themselves as a second Japanese powerhouse Masters
The Jokas Masters
Outland ground in, and this is the thanks they get Masters
2020, Pro Tour - Boston Finalists Masters
Eivind Nitter sums it up Masters
The Illuminati Masters
Gary Wise gets coy while the rest of Courtney's Boys get down to business Masters
Panzer Hunters stare down their arch-rivals Masters
At the Helm Masters
The Last-Chance Qualifier is in full swing Masters
Hustle and bustle never looked so good Masters
Breathtaking Site
Nothing says Venice like The Canals Site
Patrick Mello earns a chuckle with his mockery of the alternate art of Voidmage Prodigy Masters
Jun Nobushita fights Bjorn Jocumsen with the slot on the line Masters
Marco Blume checks out Budde's new look Masters
Budde gives his best "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" Masters
The Japanese are looking to run away with the Team Masters Masters
Gary Wise loses it Masters
The 2003 Team Masters Competitors Masters
Liminal Advertising Masters
The Jokas act the part, testing the limits of a rickety elevator Masters

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