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Quick Interviews


Do you have a pet card in this format (Part II)?
Jordan Berkowitz: "Ward Sliver, but only in multiples." Ed Fear: "Thunder of Hooves, I Thunder up a storm!" Marco Blume: "Oh yeah, but I can't say. I have a Pro Tour to win!"

How is Onslaught-Legions-Scourge as a Team Draft fomat?
Carlos Romao: "I like it, but you have to be a little lucky." Marco Blume: "Horrible! Worst format in four years!" Tomi Walamies: "It's good. You need to draft against your opponent's specific cards, not just their color combination."

What Pro Player would you like to see working for R&D?
Eivind Nitter: "Nicolas Labarre." Ben Seck: "Me, I have lots of good ideas (hint hint)!" Jon Finkel: "Kai. Good Riddance!"

What do you think about the changes to the Pro Tour?
Tomi Walamies: "The extra rounds will favor those who don't have to travel." Brian Kibler: "I like the extra Pro Tour for two years." Gary Wise: "There are more needed."

What do you think of Mirrodin so far?
Ed Fear: "I'm curious to see how the metagame will shift with so many artifacts in the set." Gerard Fabiano: "Extended won't change as much as people think it will." Jordan Berkowitz: "Isochron Scepter looks INSANE."

Do you have a pet card in this format?
Gary Wise: "Wirewood Channeler" Tomi Walamies: "Annex" Gerard Fabiano: "Dragon Fangs"

Who can stop Phoenix Foundation?
Osyp Lebedowicz: "I can, I mean, my team can!" Brian Kibler: "They're 4-0 already? How lucky! I guess no one." Jon Finkel: "Random Variance"

What is Magic?
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