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Magic Jobs!


Few professional Magic players are without outside occupations, depending instead on gaming to support them. No Pro Tour player lives on Magic winnings alone. In fact, some players spend their time away from the table living a nine to five existence, with Magic as an entertaining and sometimes lucrative sideline. You're about to hear about a few such players.

Compiling this article and giving it some variety was an interesting task, because Pro Tour players tend to gravitate toward the same occupations time and again. By far, the three most popular responses were:

"I have no other job."
"I play poker."
"I (own/work at) a gaming store."

Sometimes I'd get a combination of all three! Once you get past the masses of grifters and merchants out on the venue floor, though, you start to find some diversity.

With that in mind, it's time to play a little of the ol' matchgame! Here's how it works. I'm going to list nine name players who attended Pro Tour - Boston in one column, and nine occupations in the other. Do your best to match up each Pro with his job outside of Magic!

1 Dirk Baberowski   A Accountant
2 Seth Burn   B Comic Book Artist
3 Ed Fear   C Computer Systems Administrator
4 Mike Flores   D Game Developer
5 Ken Krouner   E Game Show Contestant
6 Osyp Lebedowicz   F Lead Singer of "Def Leppard" Cover Band
7 Zvi Mowshowitz   G Project Coordinator
8 Ben Ronaldson   H Tennis Instructor
9 Eric "Danger" Taylor   I Travel Agent

Think you guessed right? Click here for the answers.

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