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Finals Draft: Original Slackers vs. The Brockafellars


Last round, The Brockerfellers were pleased when Phoenix Foundation chose to kick-off the draft. Their strategy had been to receive leading up to that round and when they won the flip for the final draft of the weekend they stuck to it. The strategy may just be a hold over for them from last season as they had not done any practice drafts in this format before they sat down on Saturday for round seven.

Onslaught Pack One

Jake Smith Cruel Revival Profane Prayers ?
Rickard Osterberg Daru Lancer Demystify Airborne Aid
Brock Parker Elvish Warrior Airdrop Condor Brightstone Ritual
William Jensen Festering Goblin Goblin Pyromancer
Matt Linde Crude Rampart Dawning Purist
Lovre Crnobori Goblin Sledder Grassland Crusader

Onslaught Pack Two

Rickard Osterberg Contested Cliffs Riptide Biologist Foothill Guide
Brock Parker Wirewood Savage Aphetto Dredging Flamestick Courier
William Jensen Nantuko Husk Haunted Cadaver Information Dealer
Matt Linde Improvised Armor Astral Slide
Lovre Crnobori Krosan Tusker Crown of Fury
Jake Smith Crown of Awe Lavamancer’s Skill

Onslaught Pack Three

Brock Parker Wirewood Savage Sage Aven
William Jensen Shepherd of Rot Trickery Charm
Matt Linde Piety Charm Lonely Sandbar
Lovre Crnobori Wave of Indifference Barkhide Mauler
Jake Smith Snapping Thragg Crown of Fury
Rickard Osterberg Aurification Slipstream Eel

Onslaught Pack Four

William Jensen Soulless One
Matt Linde Pinpoint Avalanche
Lovre Crnobori Spitting Gourna Crown of Fury
Jake Smith Barren Moor Fallen Cleric
Rickard Osterberg Sandskin Everglove Courier
Brock Parker Treespring Lorian Symbiotic Elf

Onslaught Pack Five

Matt Linde Silent Specter Disciple of Malice Imagecrafter
Lovre Crnobori Wirewood Savage Sage Aven Aether Charge
Jake Smith Smother Wave of Indifference Information Dealer
Rickard Osterberg Crowd Favorites Piety Charm
Brock Parker Krosan Tusker Wirewood Pride
William Jensen Shepherd of Rot Forgotten Cave

Onslaught Pack Six

Lovre Crnobori Gustcloak Harrier Fever Charm Elvish Pathcutter
Jake Smith Soulless One Forgotten Cave Spy Network
Rickard Osterberg Ascending Aven Supreme Inquisitor Kamahl’s Summons
Brock Parker Treespring Lorian Mistform Wall
William Jensen Severed Legion Cabal Archon
Matt Linde Renewed Faith Misery Charm

Legions Pack One

Lovre Crnobori Krosan Vorine Merchant of Secrets
Matt Linde Blade Sliver Plated Sliver
William Jensen Imperial Hellkite Hunter Sliver
Brock Parker Keeneye Aven Gempalm Sorcerer
Rickard Osterberg Wall of Hope Skirk Outrider
Jake Smith Goblin Grappler Infernal Caretaker

Legions Pack Two

Matt Linde Skinthinner Starlight Invoker Dripping Dead
William Jensen Corpse Harvester Macetail Hystrodon Earthblighter
Brock Parker Echo Tracer Merchant of Secrets Hunter Sliver
Rickard Osterberg Celestial Gatekeeper Daru Sanctifier
Jake Smith Gempalm Polluter Crested Craghorn
Lovre Crnobori Brontetherium Stonewood Invoker

Legions Pack Three

William Jensen Skirk Marauder Blood Celebrant Goblin Assassin
Brock Parker Mistform Seaswift Warped Researcher Aven Envoy
Rickard Osterberg Daru Stinger Nantuko Vigilante Merchant of Secrets
Jake Smith Havoc Demon Goblin Turncoat
Lovre Crnobori Stomewood Invoker Flamewave Invoker
Matt Linde Noxious Ghoul Sootfeather Flock

Legions Pack Four

Brock Parker Primoc Escapee Shaleskin Plower Wall of Hope
Rickard Osterberg Gempalm Avenger Ward Sliver Plated Sliver
Jake Smith Scion of Darkness Glintwing Invoker Goblin Lookout
Lovre Crnobori Needleshot Gourna Voidmage Apprentice
Matt Linde Liege of the Axe Crypt Sliver
William Jensen Flamewave Invoker Vile Deacon

Legions Pack Five

Rickard Osterberg Echo Tracer Glowrider Plated Sliver
Jake Smith Gempalm Polluter Macetail Hystrodon Wall of Hope
Lovre Crnobori Mistform Seaswift Shaleskin Plower Merchant of Secrets
Matt Linde Sootfeather Flock Nantuko Vigilante
William Jensen Skirk Drill Sargeant Flamewave Invoker
Brock Parker Willbender Branchsnap Lorian

Legions Pack Six

Jake Smith Gemplam Polluter Hunter Sliver Wall of Hope
Lovre Crnobori Echo Tracer Macetail Hystrodon Mistform Sliver
Matt Linde Gempalm Avenger Sootfeather Flock Cephalid Pathmage
William Jensen Goblin Dynamo Flamewave Invoker
Brock Parker Riptide Mangler Needleshot Gourna
Rickard Osterberg Daru Mender Master of the Veil

Scourge Pack One

Jake Smith Twisted Abomination Woodcloaker Dragon Breath
Rickard Osterberg Ambush Commander Noble Templar Dragon Wings
Brock Parker Wirewood Symbiote Titanic Bulvox Metamorphose
William Jensen Chartooth Cougar Reaping the Graves
Matt Linde Wing Shards Frontline Strategist
Lovre Crnobori Accelerated Mutation Shoreline Ranger

Scourge Pack Two

Rickard Osterberg Krosan Warchief Astral Steel Break Asunder
Brock Parker Fierce Empath Dragon Wings Long-Term Plans
William Jensen Clutch of Undeath Dragonspeaker Shaman Bonethorn Valesk
Matt Linde Dragon Scales Unburden
Lovre Crnobori Chartooth Cougar Dispersal Shield
Jake Smith Carrion Feeder Aphetto Runecaster

Scourge Pack Three

Brock Parker Rush of Knowledge Temporal Fissure Misguided Rage
William Jensen Twisted Abomination Dragon Tyrant Rock Jockey
Matt Linde Dragon Scales Divergent Growth Uncontrolled Infestation
Lovre Crnobori Accelerated Mutation Sliver Knight
Jake Smith Death-Head’s Buzzard Thundercloud Elemental
Rickard Osterberg Daru Warchief Aven Liberator

Scourge Pack Four

William Jensen Bladewing’s Thrall Tendrils of Agony Goblin War Strike
Matt Linde Clutch of Undeath Karona, the False God Skulltap
Lovre Crnobori Shoreline Ranger Titanic Bulvox Divergent Growth
Jake Smith Chartooth Cougar Mercurial Kite
Rickard Osterberg Aven Farseer Frongtline Strategist
Brock Parker Accelerated Mutation Wing Shards

Scourge Pack Five

Matt Linde Dragon Scales Gilded Light Dragon Wings
Lovre Crnobori Decree of Savagery Spark Spray Break Asunder
Jake Smith Putrid Raptor Chartooth Cougar Tendrils of Agony
Rickard Osterberg Frozen Solid Astral Steel
Brock Parker Fierce Empath Titanic Bulvox
William Jensen Carrion Feeder Clutch of Undeath

Scourge Pack Six

Lovre Crnobori Shoreline Ranger Dragon Breath Dragon Fangs
Jake Smith Putrid Raptor Goblin Psychopath Treetop Scout
Rickard Osterberg Aven Farseer Daru Spiritulist Faces of the Past
Brock Parker Titanic Bulvox Metamorphose
William Jensen Lingering Death Spark Spray
Matt Linde Temporal Fissure Scattershot

The strongest word about the draft came from the commentators providing play by play for the crowd. When Linde took the Dragon Scales over Daru Warchief, Tom Guevin wondered about the effects of 'partying' on the minds of college students—which drew a huge laugh from the crowd. "It gives all your guys +1/+2!"

The slackers may have wasted too many picks on counterdrafts. Early on they took a Contested Cliffs to keep it away from Brock—Cliffs is virtually unplayable in the C-seat. This gave Brock a Wirewood Savage and no real card for Lovre. They could have passed the Cliffs and taken an Improvised Armor that ended up in Linde's deck instead. The Savage would have found it's way to Lovre's deck and then he would have had to look for land destruction.

Later on Rickard took an Ambush Commander and gave Brock a Wirewood Symbiote—a similarly bombilicious card—and left nothing for Lovre. Both Lovre and may have been a little thin on cards as a result.

Interestingly Huey considered himself a huge underdog despite being ahead for most for the draft until Jake opened a pair of Putrid Raptors. Despite putting himself at a disadvantage, Huey thought his teammates were tremendous favorites to win their matches. They could only agree. Linde felt his opponent had nothing while he had three Dragon Scales and a Silent Specter. He also had three Sootfeather Flock—a nice target for his scales, "Have you heard of Serra Angel?"

Jake had left himself in a good position to take the Putrid Raptors with some early Gempalm Polluters and an Infernal Caretaker despite being low on Zombies at that point. He had to pass up Clutch of Undeath each time but felt he had little to fear in the way of Huey casting a Clutch on any of his morphs.

Lovre Crnobori
Original Slackers - Seat A
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Main Deck

40 cards

11  Forest

18 lands

Barktide Mauler
Chartooth Cougar
Echo Tracer
Flamewave Invoker
Krosan Tusker
Krosan Vorine
Macetail Hystrodon
Mistform Seaswift
Needleshot Gourna
Shoreline Ranger
Spitting Gourna
Stonewood Invoker
Titanic Bulvox
Wirewood Savage

18 creatures
Accelerated Mutation
Decree of Savagery
Wave of Indifference

4 other spells
Jake Smith
Original Slackers - Seat B
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Main Deck

40 cards

Barren Moor
Forgotten Cave
12  Swamp

18 lands

Carrion Feeder
Chartooth Cougar
Crested Craghorn
Death's-Head Buzzard
Fallen Cleric
Gempalm Polluter
Goblin Turncoat
Havoc Demon
Infernal Caretaker
Macetail Hystrodon
Putrid Raptor
Scion of Darkness
Snapping Thragg
Soulless One
Twisted Abomination

19 creatures
Cruel Revival
Wave of Indifference

3 other spells
Richard Osterberg
Original Slackers - Seat C
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Main Deck

40 cards

12  Plains

18 lands

Ascending Aven
Aven Farseer
Aven Liberator
Celestial Gatekeeper
Crowd Favorites
Daru Lancer
Daru Mender
Daru Sanctifier
Daru Stinger
Daru Warchief
Echo Tracer
Frontline Strategist
Gempalm Avenger
Master of the Veil
Noble Templar

16 creatures
Astral Steel
Dragon Wings
Frozen Solid
Piety Charm

6 other spells
Brock Parker
Brockafellers - Seat A
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Main Deck

40 cards

10  Forest

18 lands

Branchsnap Lorian
Echo Tracer
Elvish Warrior
Fierce Empath
Keeneye Aven
Krosan Tusker
Mistform Seaswift
Needleshot Gourna
Primoc Escapee
Riptide Mangler
Titanic Bulvox
Treespring Lorian
Wirewood Savage
Wirewood Symbiote

18 creatures
Accelerated Mutation
Dragon Wings
Rush of Knowledge
Wirewood Pride

4 other spells
William Jensen
Brockafellers - Seat B
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Main Deck

40 cards

Forgotten Cave
11  Swamps

18 lands

Bladewing's Thrall
Cabal Archon
Carrion Feeder
Chartooth Cougar
Corpse Harvester
Festering Goblin
Goblin Dynamo
Haunted Cadaver
Imperial Hellkite
Nantuko Husk
Severed Legion
Shepherd of Rot
Skirk Drill Sergeant
Skirk Marauder
Soulless One
Twisted Abomination

17 creatures
Clutch of Undeath
Lingering Death
Reaping The Graves
Spark Spray

5 other spells
Matt Linde
Brockafellers - Seat C
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Main Deck

40 cards


18 lands

Crude Rampart
Crypt Sliver
Dawning Purist
Disciple of Malice
Frontline Strategist
Gempalm Avenger
Liege of the Axe
Noxious Ghoul
Silent Spectre
Sootfeather Flock
Starlight Invoker

14 creatures
Clutch of Undeath
Clutch of Undeath
Dragon Scales
Improvised Armor
Misery Charm
Renewed Faith

8 other spells

Brian David-Marshall has been involved in Magic since 1994 when he was violently shaken by someone searching for the game. He has organized tournaments, run a store, and is currently the Pro Tour Historian. His latest venture is, the publishing house that is releasing Michael J. Flores: Deckade.

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