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Day Two: Intro


        The letter D!
      ay 2 is underway! Today the remaining one hundred and seventeen players in contention face a tough road. A whopping eight rounds of swiss and two more drafts mean that the night will be in full swing by the time we've decided on eight combatants for Sunday morning.

The long day begins with two rounds from yesterday's draft, and fortunately none of the players forgot their decks at the hotel. Still there was a bit of unease in the air as the players got used to the idea of kicking the day off with a round of play rather than the orderly progression of a draft.

As the day starts the standings are headed by Scandinavian powerhouses Anton Jonsson and Nicolai Herzog, but more than a few people have been claiming this is Iron Mike Turian's to win. With his retirement from Magic just a few events away, will he find the fire he needs to take yet another Pro Tour title?

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