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Day One: Wrap-up


        The letter T!
      he first day of competition has drawn to a close, and the standings are headed by a trio of 7-0's. Topping the list is the mighty swede Anton Jonsson. Behind him is relative unknown Bernard Da Costa Cabral from Belgium, and then there is Nicolai Herzog, showing the same draft prowess that carried him to the finals of Chicago early last year.

It's the usual mixed bag of big names jumbled up at eighteen points, like Nicolas Labarre, Osyp Lebedowicz, Mike Turian and Eugene Harvey. After the weeding of the sixth round, just a hundred and seventeen players remained.

The cut to "Day 2" came and went smoothly. It did take some getting used to, though. More than a few players had to be reminded not to leave the site before the third draft. Of course there were more than enough who would have loved to stay, but had no reason to. Famous faces like Jeff Cunningham Gabriel Nassif, Brian Kibler, Niel Reeves and Carlos Romao all got stuck with just nine points.

Those that remain have a tough road ahead. Eight rounds of play before the cut to Top 8 makes for another long day of Magic. Endurance could well be more of a factor than usual. Come back tomorrow to see all the action unfold!

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