Day One: Intro

        The letter P!
      ro Tour - Amsterdam 2004 is now underway! The field of competition is nearly three hundred and fifty strong, with the best drafters from around the world descending on the city to fight for top honors and the huge cash purse that accompanies them. The gloom of night still shrouded the RAI convention center as the players took their seats for the first draft at nine, but morning soon arrived in full force. Not that any player noticed. The air was one of intense concentration.

They'll have to keep it up all weekend. Five drafts and fifteen rounds of play will determine those who get to play under Sunday's lights. The first hurdle will come after round six. Only those players with records of 4-2 or better will remain in the competition.

Mirrodin is proposing to be a real can of worms for the unprepared drafters. Card valuations have been fluctuating wildly as pros intensified their testing. And with so many players willing to splash for a third (or fourth!) color expect to see a lot less co-operative drafting as players seek to maximize their decks. Stay tuned for live coverage of all the action!

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