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Tournament Structure Change


        The letter I!
      n addition to being the first Pro Tour to feature Mirrodin Limited, Pro Tour - Amsterdam has the distinction of being the trial run for a new Limited Pro Tour structure. It's a change that has more than a few players stroking their beards and making thoughtful faces.

The old way had the Tour being fourteen rounds, seven on each day, with only two drafts a day. Unfortunately, throwing a fourth round at an eight-man draft pod leads to some unsatisfactory results. Enter the new way. Start Day 1 with two drafts and six rounds of play. Then, cut all players who failed to make a 4-2 record or better. This "cut to Day 2" works similarly to the original cut that used to come after seven rounds, since all the 4-2's would just draw into Saturday.

However, now the remaining players draft a third time before playing their seventh round. Then they return on Saturday, play two more rounds with the same decks, and then draft twice more, playing three rounds with each. One possible snag is that players will be responsible for bringing their decks with them come Saturday morning. It's a total of fifteen rounds of play, with more meaningful matches. If the tournament finishes in a timely manner, expect this to become the new standard.

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