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Continental Championships Prize Redistribution

Monday, February 4, 2002

In an effort to keep Magic: The Gathering tournament prize distribution as efficient and appropriate as possible given the ever-changing international needs of the Magic tournament structure, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. is making a few changes to Continental Championships beginning in 2002.

The two Continental Championships that involve the smallest number of countries, the APAC (Asia Pacific) Championship and Latin America Championship, will be discontinued. Some of the prize money will be added to certain national championships in those regions. The exact amounts will be determined based on (1) the level of DCI-sanctioned tournament activity within each country and (2) the number of registered DCI players in each country. For example, Japan's National Championship will now award $50,000 in prize money. A detailed announcement of the new prize distribution will be made March 2002.

The European Championship will remain unchanged at this time.

As an additional step, each region without a Continental Championship will receive eight ratings-based invitations to the World Championships. In addition to the fifty top-rated players worldwide, invitations will be awarded to the top-eight - rated previously uninvited players from the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and North America regions. As in previous years, the European Championship will determine the eight invitations from that region.

Although there are no plans to replace the Continental Championships in the Latin America and Asia Pacific regions, there will be Standard-format Grand Prix events held in those regions in approximately the same time frame that the respective Continental Championships would have been held in 2002.

These changes will allow Wizards of the Coast to provide better local-level support in certain regions, allowing more players to have more convenient access to the prize money pool.

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