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Gateway Round 1 Results


Team Opponent Result
Team Guam 2400 MV Won 1-0
Bologna Demolition Team Afterhour Won 1-0
Afterhour Bologna Demolition Team Lost 0-1
Galactus Team Build Your Own Pizza Lost 0-1
Your Move Games Duck Trio (TM) Won 1-0
Build Your Own Pizza Galactus Team Won 1-0
Sonne Fabiano Krempels Hato Beam Lost 0-1
SuicideBoard JASS Power Lost 0-1
The Onionz Eater Magic Mushrooms Lost 0-1
The Unknown Stuntmen MagicCampus Team 1 Lost 0-1
Vintara Outland 2 Lost 0-1
Hato Beam Sonne Fabiano Krempels Won 1-0
JASS Power SuicideBoard Won 1-0
2400 MV Team Guam Lost 0-1
Magic Mushrooms The Onionz Eater Won 1-0
MagicCampus Team 1 The Unknown Stuntmen Won 1-0
Outland 2 Vintara Won 1-0
Duck Trio (TM) Your Move Games Lost 0-1

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