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Gateway Round 1 Pairings


2400 MV vs. Team Guam
Afterhour vs. Bologna Demolition Team
Bologna Demolition Team vs. Afterhour
Build Your Own Pizza vs. Galactus Team
Duck Trio (TM) vs. Your Move Games
Galactus Team vs. Build Your Own Pizza
Hato Beam vs. Sonne Fabiano Krempels
JASS Power vs. SuicideBoard
Magic Mushrooms vs. The Onionz Eater
MagicCampus Team 1 vs. The Unknown Stuntmen
Outland 2 vs. Vintara
Sonne Fabiano Krempels vs. Hato Beam
SuicideBoard vs. JASS Power
Team Guam vs. 2400 MV
The Onionz Eater vs. Magic Mushrooms
The Unknown Stuntmen vs. MagicCampus Team 1
Vintara vs. Outland 2
Your Move Games vs. Duck Trio (TM)

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2008 Regionals