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Quarterfinals: Diego Ostrovich vs. Jose Barbero


These two players are both from Argentina, and are playing virtually the same goblin deck. The only difference between the two main decks is that one of them has Carbonize where the other one has Menacing Ogre.

Game One

“Let’s roll to see who goes through to the semi-final”, joked Jose, as the dice roll is very important in the mirror match. Diego was the winner and both players made first turn Goblin Sledder, second turn Goblin Piledriver. Diego didn’t attack on his turn 3, instead just making Goblin Sharpshooter. Unfortunately Jose didn’t have any way of killing it, meaning that all of his guys were about to die.

He played a Sharpshooter and used it to pump his attack and knock Diego to 15. Ostrovich used a Gempalm Incinerator and the Sharpshooter to clear Barbero’s board, and the attack put Jose on 12. Barbero played Clickslither on his fourth turn and held it back to block.

Diego couldn’t remove it but he added a second Piledriver and a Skirk Prospector. Jose could only play a Menacing Ogre, but he had to concede when Diego played a Clickslither and swung in with everything. Certainly going first was pretty important in that game as they had virtually the same cards in hand, but Jose wasn’t able to use his Sharpshooter at all whereas Diego’s dominated the game.

Diego Ostrovich 1 – Jose Barbero 0

On the play, Jose decided to keep his Goblin Piledrivers in rather than exchange them for Starstorm, whereas Diego did exactly that.

Game Two

Jose cycled an Incinerator on a Prospector and made a turn 3 Goblin Warchief. This was matched by one of Diego’s. Once again it seemed like going first was the most important thing, as Jose had a turn 4 Clickslither as well, knocking Diego to thirteen. Diego made another Warchief and a Goblin Sledder, but it wasn’t enough to save him for even a single turn.

Barbero made a second Warchief and a Goblin Sharpshooter, which did exactly 13 damage after killing Diego’s blocker.

Diego Ostrovich 1 – Jose Barbero 1

Game Three

Diego had to start the game off with a mulligan. He made Goblin Warchief on his third turn but it was killed by a Gempalm Incinerator. On their fourth turns both players made Clickslithers and attacked. Diego thought for a while on turn 5 before making Goblin Sharpshooter and attaking with his Clickslither again.

Jose’s turn 5 was one of the longest thinks ever seen in a goblin mirror. He had Clickslithers, a Menacing Ogre and Starstorm in hand, and he had to decide whether to play a haste creature and attack or just attack and hold it back as a blocker. It didn’t matter which he chose in the end as Diego had a Siege-Gang Commander in his hand and with the Clickslither that made more than enough damage to end the match.

Diego Ostrovich 2 – Jose Barbero 1

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