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Feature Match Round 3: Antoine Menard vs. Bram Snepvangers


In the not too distant past, Bram was qualified on Pro Tour points for the Masters Series. Recently though his performances have deteriorated so that he only has 27 points, not enough for three byes today. His opponent is no slouch either, Antoine Menard, while never putting up the big results, is a regular appearance on Pro Tour day twos.

Antoine is playing with Goblins, and Bram with a more control based type of Zombie Bidding.

Game One

Antoine’s start was as slow as any seen from the goblins. His first play was to cycle Gempalm Incinerator on Bram’s Festering Goblin. Snepvangers made a Nantuko Husk, and Menard swung in with a Clickslither. Bram used his fourth turn to make a morph. Antoine cast Siege Gang Commander but didn’t sac any goblins to the Clickslither.

Bram passed the turn with enough mana up to cycle the Decree of Pain in his hand. Antoine attacked with all his creatures, and Bram used Skinthinner to kill the Clickslither. Menard played a Goblin Warchief and a Skirk Prospector after combat. Bram attacked with his Husk, trading it for the Chief. Then he cast Noxious Ghoul, killing the tokens and Prospectors, but going down to nine fron the Commander.

Menard attacked and pumped his Siege-Gang, trading with Noxious Ghoul. Bram just drew and passed the turn. The Frenchman thought for a while and then cast Rorix. All Bram could do was cycle Decree of Pain to buy himself one nore turn, as the Dragon knocked him to three. He probably had no outs in his deck, since he would die to Siege-Gang commander if he cast Patriarch’s Bidding in any case, before the Noxious Ghoul effect resolved.

Antoine Menard 1 – Bram Snepvangers 0

Game Two

Menard boards – 2 piledriver + 1 threaten + 1 searing flesh

Antoine used his Skirk Prospector to accelerate out a Goblin Warchief, but Bram had the Smother. A second Warchief traded with Nantuko Husk, but this left Antoine without gas until turn 5 Siege-Gang Commander.

The Dutchman made a morph and a Withered Wretch in the meantime, but after Menard cast the Commander, Bram didn’t draw a fifth land for his Noxious Ghoul in hand, and had to play a Festering Goblin instead. The next turn left Antoine with Siege Gang and a Goblin token left, and Bram with an empty board. However, Bram drew the fifth land straight away and played Noxious Ghould.

Menard made the ubiquitous Rorix and swung in. Bram didn’t have a Bidding which would have been enough to kill it. He played a pair of Zombies which dealt with Siege-Gang. He had one turn left to draw an answer, and he did of sorts. A cycled decree made Rorix to small to kill him, as Bram’s Rotlung and Withered Wretch died as well, making the mighty Bladewing the size of a Dusk Imp.

With four mana open and a Siege- Gang in the graveyard, even Bidding couldn’t save Bram, but he tried for it anyway. Antoine pointed out that he was going to throw some Goblins, and Bram swept them up.

Antoine Menard defeats Bram Snepvangers 2 – 0

That’s all the coverage from me for a while, I start playing next round. Wish me luck!

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