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Finals: Yann Hamon vs. Diego Ostrovich


This format has been turned on it’s head somewhat this weekend, as Yann Hamon’s green-red-black giant creature deck has mown through a field of red-white decks. He defeated Antonio de Rosa in the quarters and then Eivind Nitter in the semifinal, both with red-white. On his way to the final, Diego defeated his teammate and countryman Jose Barbereo in the goblin mirror, and then Mario Pascoli’s white-blue control deck in the semi-final.

Game One

Going first, Diego had a Piledriver on his second turn and a Goblin Sharpshooter on his third. Yann held them at bay with Wall of Mulch and Lightning Rift. Ostrovich attacked anyway, used a Gempalm Incinerator to kill the Wall, and added a Goblin Sledder.

Yann had a pretty good fourth turn. He cycled Gempalm Incinerator which killed both the Sharpshooter and the Sledder, leaving just the Piledriver in play. Ostrovich’s turn was even better though, as he summoned Goblin Warchief and then Goblin Piledriver number two. The attack knocked Yann to four. He drew a card that wasn’t Starstorm and packed it up.

Diego Ostrovich 1 – Yann Hamon 0

Game Two

Diego had to take a mulligan on the draw in game two, and things were made a lot worse as Yann had Lightning Rift on his second turn again. He cycled Slice and Dice on turn 3 to kill a Skirk Prospector, and Krosan Tusker dealt with Goblin Warchief on turn 4. Diego made Goblin Sledder and Sulfuric Vortex.

With no goblins in play when Hamon cycled Forgotten Cave, the Sulfuric Vortex looked pretty silly. A Fierce Empath fetched Rorix, Bladewing, ending the game in short order.

Diego Ostrovich 1 – Yann Hamon 1

Game Three

Diego burst out of the gates in the deciding game with a first turn Skirk Prospector and second turn Goblin Piledriver. Yann had a Wall of Mulch again, and without a third land Diego decided to sacrifice the Prospector to bust out a Goblin Warchief. Yann blocked the Warchief and made another Wall.

Diego dropped a Goon and swung in with the team, Hamon opted to block just the 2/2 falling to six, and played a Ravenous Baloth. Diego wasn’t slowing down for anyone though, he had a second Goblin Goon, forcing the chump-block from Yann. He drew his card, found no answer to two Goblin Goons forthcoming, and extended his hand in congratulations

Diego Ostrovich defeats Yann Hamon 2-1 and is the champion of Grand Prix London 2003

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