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Day One Deck Breakdown


RW Control 111
Goblins 102
Zombie Bidding 56
Mono White Control 53
UW Control 40
Goblin Bidding 30
WB Control 16
Form of the Dragon 13
UR Control 11
GB Cemetery 8
Beasts 7
Elves 7
Other 28

As expected the field is dominated between Red-White control and Goblins with Zombie Bidding and Mono White Control battling for a distant third in popularity. Of surprise is the number of blue-white decks. Apparently this deck has been performing well in PTQ’s across Europe. One of the tricks is to lock the opponent with Decree of Silence and bounce it back to hand before the counters run out.

At the trade stands cards for the red-white and goblin decks were sought after. Incinerators were selling well as were Starstorms, Eternal Dragons and Dawn Elementals.

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