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Quick Interviews


"If you could have any card reprinted in 8th Edition, which card would it be?"
Akira Asahara: "Necropotence, even though I know it would be banned immediately." Katsuhiro Mori: "Morphling. It's the bomb." Takao Higaki: "Masticore."

"What was the most interesting deck you played against today?"
Jun'ichi Kinoshita (Top, Day 1 Swiss): "Masahiko Morita's Opposition deck." Tsuyoshi Fujita (2nd place/undefeated, Day 1): "I don't remember. I beat them all too quickly." Yoshihiro Umeno (3rd place/undefeated amateur, Day 1): "The Rock mirror match with Arita."

"What Onslaught card do you feel has had the biggest impact on the Extended environment?"
Jin Okamoto: "The 'fetchlands' (Windswept Heath, etc.)." Masashiro Kuroda: "The fetchlands." Tsuyoshi Fujita: "The fetchlands."

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