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Round 7: Katsuhiro Mori vs. Akira Asahara


Japanese Magic speed demon Katsuhiro Mori was looking downright sedate compared to his usual pace of activity. With just two rounds of play left today he was forced to square off against friend and rival Akira Asahara. Widely considered the greatest force in Japanese constructed Magic, Asahara's influence is far-reaching. He shines at The Finals, with a Top 8 and Top 4 in recent years. At Pro Tour – Houston this year his talents earned him a Top 16 finish. Today he is with Tinker, a deck Mori's Psychatog fears. There was a brief discussion of an intentional draw, but they were soon shuffling up to play it out.

Game 1

Mori had to send back his first seven, but kept his next group of six. Asahara was quick off the mark, leading with City of Traitors and Grim Monolith before Mori had had a turn. Mori dropped Shivan Reef and passed it back. Asahara continued to punish with Thran Dynamo, island, and Tinker, trading in his Monolith for a Phyrexian Processor that would be making 10/10's.

Mori played his second land and passed it back. Asahara played another island and did the same. Mori busted out Psychatog. It gave Asahara pause. He made a big man, then untapped and swung in. Mori took it, and was rewarded with Tangle Wire and Metalworker. He Terminated the token and had all his permanents locked down. He played a land and passed it back. Asahara readied his machine to make another creature. Mori drew, and scooped.

Asahara 1 – Mori 0

Game 2

Now it was Asahara's turn to mulligan. While Mori started with Urborg Volcano, Asahara one-upped him with Ancient Tomb, Grim Monolith and Voltaic Key. With Mori having played first, however, he had to wait for his next chance to act. Mori bought time by Icing Asahara's next play of Rshadan Port. However, he was still unable to stop Asahara's Tangle Wire.

That gave Asahara free reign. He busted out Null Brooch with enough free to Port on Mori's next turn. Mori would have at most one untapped mana. Now all Asahara needed was something to kill him with. He did not get it. His Tangle Wire wore down and he replaced it with another, empty handed.

Mori waited a turn and then resolved Psychatog. Asahara continued to draw irrelevant cards. He pushed Metalworker in the way of it one turn, but after that had no way to stop it.

Asahara 1 – Mori 1

With the score evened at one apiece, and facing Asahara's going first for the deciding game, Mori again offered the draw. This time, Asahara accepted, preparing as he was to mulligan a one-land hand.

Final Result: Akira Asahara intentionally draws with Katsuhiro Mori 1-1-1

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