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Round 14: Ji-Hoon Lee vs. Jisang Kang


Both of these players, two of Korea's finest, are within a match win of a Top 8 berth. It's a shame that only one will make it, on the back of the other. Ji-Hoon Lee is playing a black-green reanimator deck, and Jisang Kang is playing Aluren.

Game 1

Lee opened with Llanowar Wastes, readying Entomb. Kang dropped Yavimaya Coast and Birds of Paradise. Lee sent Visara the Dreadful to the graveyard. His next draw yielded no third land, but he had Vampiric Tutor to fetch Reanimate. Kang dropped a land and waited. Lee brought back the Gorgon Legend.

Kang was ready for this. Living Wish got him Gilded Drake, turning the tables. Lee tried a Cabal Therapy for Aluren, but missed. His Drake died on the next turn, but the top of his deck had served him another Reanimate, switching the Gorgon's side again. Kang smiled as he showed yet another Living Wish for a second Drake. Lee drew, and conceded.

Kang 1 – Lee 0

Game 2

Again Lee had the Entomb for an Early Visara, but he waited on the Reanimate he drew until he had mana ready for his Smother. Sure enough, the turn he brought Visara back, Kang was ready with Living Wish for Gilded Drake. Lee shut that nonsense down.

Next he tried Cabal Therapy for Aluren, missing and seeing a handful of goodies. He bashed Kang to twelve and gave it over to him. Kang Living Wished again, this time for Soul Warden, but did nothing further. Lee Tutored up a Cabal Therapy to strip his Cavern Harpy. He activated his Treetop to flash it back, stealing Raven Familiar after Kang Tutored up Faceless Butcher, and held Visara at the ready to shut down any Gilded Drakes.

The Butcher came down and Lee had nothing to say about it. Kang's anemic beatdown of Butcher and Cloud of Faeries brought them to seven all. Lee ripped Oath of Druids and put it down. Kang swung, and then Living Wished for Maggot Carrier, one mana short of the Monk Realist that would save him. Lee's Oath gave him Faceless Butcher, swinging things firmly in his favor. Kang had two draws to find an answer before Visara would cut down the Faeries and swing for the win. He drew nothing.

Kang 1 – Lee 1

Game 3

Lee had a fast Entomb again in the deciding game, but his fatties were stranded in his hand, so he had to content himself with Nether Spirit. Kang meanwhile checked his hand for Cabal Therapies with one of his own, before getting Raven Familiar with Living Wish and Aluren with Vampiric Tutor. Another Wish got him Wirewood Savage, and now he was ready to go off in defiance of Lee's Smother mana.

He started with Raven Familiar, then Cavern Harpy. Lee played along, Smothering the Familiar in response, but Kang was then free to drop his Wirewood Savage and draw his whole deck with the Harpy. Soul Warden followed and Lee packed it in.

Final Result: Jisang Kang defeats Ji-Hoon Lee 2-1

Lee Ji-Hoon
BG Reanimate Control
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Main Deck

60 cards

Llanowar Wastes
11  Swamp
Tainted Wood
Treetop Village

23 lands

Faceless Butcher
Neather Spirit
Phantom Nishoba
Undead Gladiator
Verdant Force
Visara the Dreadful

7 creatures
Cabal Therapy
Diabolic Edict
Pernicious Deed
Vampiric Tutor

30 other spells
Kang Jisang
View a sample hand of this deck

Main Deck

60 cards

City of Brass
Hickory Woodlot
Polluted Delta
Yavimaya Coast

23 lands

Birds of Paradise
Cavern Harpy
Cloud of Faeries
Raven Familiar
Soul Warden
Wirewood Savage

14 creatures
Cabal Therapy
Living Wish
Pernicious Deed
Vampiric Tutor

23 other spells

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