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Pro Tour Osaka Coverage

Thursday, March 14, 2002

The Magic Colony wins Pro Tour - Osaka! It may have been a laughable off-chance going into Day 2, but Ken Ho fought hard through Day 2, winning his last match to score a spot in the Top 8. In the finals he met man of destiny Olivier Ruel, whose last-place finish in the Magic Invitational meant he's due to win a Pro Tour this year. Ruel confirmed it by taking the first two games. But with his back against the wall, Ho smashed through to victory. What's more, he was carried there on the back of his most-mocked card: Tarnished Citadel. Congratulations to Ken Ho, Pro Tour - Osaka Champion!

Ken Ho

Top 8 Final Standing

1. Ken Ho $30,000
2. Olivier Ruel $20,000
3. Robert Dougherty $15,000
4. Jens Thoren $13,000
5. Sylvain Lauriol $9,500
6. Nicolas Olivieri $8,500
7. Osyp Lebedowicz $7,500
8. Christophe Haim $6,500

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Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
1 Robert Dougherty Robert Dougherty, 3-1
8 Christophe Haim Olivier Ruel, 3-0
4 Nicolas Olivieri Olivier Ruel, 3-2 Ken Ho, 3-2
5 Olivier Ruel
2 Jens Thoren Jens Thoren, 3-2
7 Osyp Lebedowicz Ken Ho, 3-1
3 Sylvain Lauriol Ken Ho, 3-2
6 Ken Ho

Quick Interview (archive)

"Do you think Japanese players have a significant home turf advantage with the Pro Tour in Japan?"
Tsuyoshi Fujita, Japan: "Yes, with no jetlag, and all the other players with jetlag, it is a bit easier." Itaru Ishida, Japan: "Yes, because it is a familiar enviroment, and allows you mentally to be more relaxed." Jin Okamoto, Japan: "Definitely, so you can sleep better!"

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