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2002 Canada National Championship Coverage

Friday, June 14, 2002

Jürgen Hahn is the Canadian National Champion! Piloting months-old green-blue-red madness technology he sawed through a field that had swung all the way from Psychatog to red-green beatdown. In the finals he met Jon Stern, whose lackluster 3-3 performance during Day 1 was offset by a strong showing today. Sadly, his red-green deck wasn't prepared for likes of Hahn's monstrosity. Duking it out for the third place on the team were newcomer Ray Weiss and Quebec sensation David Rood. It went to five games, but Weiss's Shivan Wurms were too much for Rood to handle. But all is not lost for Rood. Hahn has already declared his intention to skip World Championships, so Rood, Weiss and Stern will be representing the red and white at Sydney. Congratulations to the Canadian National Team, and to Jürgen Hahn, Canadian National Champion!

Top 8 Final Standing

1.Jurgen Hahn $3,200
2.Jon Stern $2,000
3.Ray Weiss $1,600
4.David Rood $1,000
5.Jeff Cunningham $500
6.Sam Lau $500
7.Richard Hoaen $500
8.Boyd Hardie $500

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
1 David Rood David Rood, 3-0
8 Boyd Hardie Jon Stern, 3-2
4 Jon Stern Jon Stern, 3-0 Jurgen Hahn, 3-1
5 Richard Hoaen
2 Jeff Cunningham Jurgen Hahn, 3-1
7 Jürgen Hahn Jurgen Hahn, 3-1
3 Sam Lau Ray Weiss, 3-0
6 Ray Weiss

3rd/4th-Place Playoff

David Rood Ray Weiss, 3-2
Ray Weiss

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