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The Haunted Lands, Book I
Richard Lee Byers

Item Code 959247400
Release Date April 2007
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 352
ISBN 978-0-7869-4258-9
Price $6.99 ;  C$8.99

Good. You understand now.I'm not your beloved anymore. I'm Unclean -- foul, and a slave to creatures fouler still.Please . . . please . . . destroy me if you can.

The realm of Thay has long been ruled by the uneasy peace of an alliance of wizards, but all along there has been one who believes he is the true master. And when that one wizard finally moves against his former allies, his homeland could be only the first of his conquests.

Praise for Richard Lee Byers's Unclean:

"Amazing! Richard Lee Byers has surpassed himself with this one. From the beginning chapters in the book, I knew this was going to astound me. The depth of detail just oozes the Realms and the way he explains elements of the Thay lifestyle and hierarchy is a great inclusion for readers who are not fully familiar with the nation. The dark and disturbing elements of the book certainly bring out [the author's] horror background; I found myself shuddering and wincing on many occasions."

--Alaundo, Candlekeep.com on Unclean

"This is Thay as it's never been shown before . . . Dark, sinister, foreboding and downright disturbing!"

--Alaundo, Candlekeep.com on Unclean

"If you're into lots of action, magical battles pitting wizards and soldiers against hordes of undead creatures, demons and other supernatural creatures, unholy alliances, a lich making its move to conquer all, and a doomed love story, then this rousing tale of good vs. evil is for you! Fans of Cunningham, Denning, Salvatore and Kemp should enjoy this one!"

--Fantasy Hot List on Unclean

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