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Swords of Eveningstar

The Knights of Myth Drannor, Book I
Ed Greenwood

Item Code 955507200
Release Date August 2006
Format Hardcover
Page Count 352
ISBN 0-7869-4022-0
Price $25.95 ;  C$34.95

They are the defenders of all that is good and decent in the Realms. A rollicking band of companions, the Knights of Myth Drannor have adventured their way down through the legends of Faerûn, clutching a royal charter from King Azoun himself.

In the picturesque village of Eveningstar, nestled at the foot of the Stonelands, the Knights of Myth Drannor began. Now, for the first time, here is their story: the battles, adventures, love, and death that brought together the band of the greatest adventurers the Realms have ever seen.

Their tales are among the greatest in all Faerûn: how a diverse, rowdy group of men and women were forged into an arm of steel that smote monsters and stood guard while others slept. With the blessing of King Azoun himself, in this volume the knights set forth on their adventures.

From the pen of master storyteller Ed Greenwood comes the saga of the bright, flashing spirits whose swords would cut a legend across the land.

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